Korxx Joe Ment is a 1/2 Human 1/2 Tetramand hybrid, and the Tactics Leader in Dill's team. His appearance and powers are very similar to TetraMight, also being 1/2 Tetramand.


Korxx was born on Khoros, living there with his parents and sister for 13 years, until he decided to move to Earth and join Plumbers' school, and then later joins Dill's team, where he is the Tactics Leader.


Korxx is a cool, street-smart guy, who usually figures out a quick plan if no one else does. In some areas, he usually has the same perosnality as Dill and Zach, always ready to hang out or spend time with his best friends.

Klorxx has an extreme liking of Shakin' Shakes and can often be seen drinking his favorite Kiwi Milkshake.

Powers and Abilities

Korxx has all the powers of a Tetramand, going from enhanced strength to enhanced durability.

It is told that Korxx can change between his Human and Tetramand form, but prefers his Tetramand form, as a source of power and authority.


Korxx's size and extra muscles sometimes makes things designed for smaller species difficult to use.

Being as tall and muscular, Korxx has trouble fitting into small spaces.


Korxx carries a Tetramand tech Blaster, a gift from his father when Korxx left for Earth.

He sometimes wears his Plumbers' badge on his top left arm.


  • Although he was given a Tetramand first name by his father, his mother gave him a Human middle name, which is Joe.
  • Korxx likes to hang out at Shakin' Shakes as much as Dill and Zach.
  • Korxx's sister is a Human, although she has some enhanced strength.
  • Korxx's father is the leader of his side of Khoros.
  • Korxx is not meant to appear until further in the series.
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