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Season 6, Episode 4
Air date 25/5/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Korak is the Fourth episode in Ahmad 15.


A Blue Tetramand jumped through a Null Void Portal. He Landed on the Ground.A Techadon Robot was the Person who took him out.

Tecahdon: Sorry, Master Korak, I was 6 years late to free you. (gets destroyed by Korak)

Korak: I should buy more before my revenge.

Theme Song!

A blue fist came flying to hit Humungousaur sending him flying.

Humungousaur landed on a car destroying it.

Humungousaur: Who are you?

Korak: I am Korak, I've got a revenge on you, Ben 10 (attacks)

Humungousaur: Ben 10? I am not Ben. I am Ahmad. (reverts back) See?

Korak: Well, I don't care! (punches Ahmad sending him flying) You look weaker than Before! (gets hit)

Oussama Humungousaur punched him more. Diamondhead made a Diamond attack dizzling Korak.

Both prepared a big punch. Diamondhead went Ultimate. Korak and Ultimate Diamondhead punched each other's hands making an Explosion.

POV: Oussama. Oussama took off the Rock above him. He got up. He destroyed a rock over Ahmad.

Ahmad woke up, screamed and transformed into Fourarms. Main Camera: Oussama got mutated! Camera zooms to Oussama's head and showed inside a Nucleas.

Colorful DNA samples destroyed the Nucleas and made a new different one.

Oussama's Eyes Flashed Red. Fourarms punched him sending him flying. Oussama jumped to the Sky flying.

Ahmad reverted back. Korak got up. Ahmad sent Korak to the Null Void.

Ahmad: I've got Korak, But still, I've got an Ultimate Menace to Deal with. (looks at the Sky)




  • Korak (First Appearance in Ahmad 15)
  • Ultimate Oussama (First Appearance)
  • Techadon Robots

Aliens Used[]

By Ahmad

By Oussama


  • Oussama got mutated.
  • Korak returns.
  • Ultimate Diamondhead first appears.
  • Ahmad calls Ultimate Oussama an "Ultimate Menace" at the End of the Episode.
  • Korak proved to be stronger than Humungousaur. Alhough, It is unknown if any Tetramand could beat any Vaxasaurian. Maybe because of Korak's Training and Ahmad's Rookiness.