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Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 5/1/2012
Written by User:Ahmad15


Directed by User:Ahmad15


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Know your Nemisis is the second episode in Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero.


Metarid (hologram): Galvan Mark II was invaded the last 10 years.

Brock: Excuse me sir but your invention is stuck on my chest.

Metarid (hologram): Looks that you're the universe's new protector.

Brock: I can't even protect myself. WAIT SIR!

The hologram disappears.

Theme Song!

Fred: Look, I can train you! (activates Novatrix) Look you press this, choose the Alien you want and slam the Face and Voala!

Brock tried that and became Crocogator. He shot a Wood Pile and grew a Plant.

He made Walking Plants and built A Wood Wall.

Suddenly, The wall was destroyed and Willie came in and started punching Crocogator.

Croccogator Fired a Wood Pile which got in Willie. Willie shot it back changing Brock Back.

Fred: (as Air Dactyl) Wait, He is a good guy.

Willie: How'd You know?

Brock: Believe him. I am a good guy. I know Humans attacked and Fred is your Friend.

Willie: You know they look the Same. Fred, Friend!

Suddenly, a group of Humans attacked. A stranger came after.

Fred: Hey! (gets hit) (activates Novatrix) (gets hit)

Stranger: Fred Blake, I thought my Curse would stop you!

Fred: You did this, You trapped me all those years!

Stranger: And whose this? (points at Brock)

Brock: I am Brock! (gets hit)

Stranger: (unmasks) I am Kraggus!




  • ===Kraggus===

Aliens Used (Brock)[]

  • Crocogator

Aliens Used (Fred)[]


  • Willie thinks Brock is evil and fights him, but Fred convinces the opposite.