General Information
Species Slicor
Home World Scython
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Blades on wrists and chest, Dual-Katanas, Enhanced agility and reflexes
Equipment Two katanas
First Appearance My Mom!

This violent, bloodthirsty, killing machine is Knightslash. It's for Finn 10: Ultimate Alien .


Knightslash has a black, diamond-shaped head and a slim, humanoid body. Knightslash has a blade coming out of each of his wrists, similar to Rath. He also has blades coming out of his chest and back, giving him a bit of a Diamondhead look. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Knightslash's redesign gives him a more ninja-like appearance. His head has changed from a diamond shape to a ninja-hood shape with a long, pointy chin. Knightslash now has pupils. The blades on his blade are now katanas. Knightslash's blades on his wrists are much smaller, looking even MORE like Rath's claws. Knightslash has a tail, as well. THe omnitrix is still on his chest.

Knightslash's original appearance

Knightslash's new appearance

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