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A second season was anounced on Febuary 8th. It was planned to consist of 20 episodes but due to certain problems it was reduced to only 15 but then it was raised to 17 because I GOT MORE IDEAS and then it was raised to 20, and THEN it was lowered to 19. It started on July 14. It airs mostly on Saturdays. It airs 2 episodes per week once in a while and all parts of the movie finally will be released on the same day.

  1. Fame and How It Affected My Life (July 14)
  2. The Meeting and How It Got Painfull (July 16)
  3. The Villan Plot Plan and How We Tried to Stop It (July 21)
  4. Primus and How We Fought For It (July 28)
  5. Diagon and How He Was Me (August 3)
  6. Death and How I Personally Met It (August 5)
  7. My Toy and How It Chose Me to be Its Wielder (August 7)
  8. What Has Passed and How It Affects What is To Come (August 9h)
  9. The Magician and How She Stole My Awesome Necklace (August 11)
  10. Diagon and How He Already Won (August 19)
  11. The Cave and How I Destroyed It (August 21 delayed August 24th)
  12. My Dad and How I Saved Him (August 27)
  13. Jane and How Her Story Ended (September 1)
  14. The New Herald and How We Faced Him (September 15)
  15. The Creature of Shadows and How He Rose (September 22)

The Series Finale movie: The Prophecy and How It Happened (Released on October 10th - MY BIRTHDAY!)[]

  1. Episode 16: Will's Mysterious Past and How It was Revealed
  2. Episode 17: My Destiny and How I Totally Failed at Doing It
  3. Episode 18: My Quest For the Prophecy and How I Understood it
  4. Episode 19: The Choice and How It Changed Evrything