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Knights of the Sword is a series by Awesome that follows Ed, Artie, and Will, as they save the world. It is supposed to have 2 seasons and it was created on February 7th, 2012. It is part of the Forever Knights (Franchise).

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Series Plot:

Artie, and Will discover the Sword Ascalon years after Diagon has been defeated and Azmuth had sealed it in a top secret imposible to find location because he couldn't destroy it. Now when the world comes to its darkest hour Ed, Will and Artie must save the world.

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Genere: Knights, Honor and Jokes
Episodes: 32 planned (28 aired)
Seasons: 2
Main Characters: Ed, Will and Artie (Edward, William and Arthur)
Written by:



  1. Knights of the Sword Season 1 Volume 1: Power of the Sword

Theme Song

The theme song is right after part 1 of each episode.

Note: I'll probably create a theme song for season 2 but right now it's for the entire series.

Words Music Picture/Animation
... The begining of the Ben 10 classic theme Ascalon Creation
A sword was forged, a knight then rose. Dramatic knightish music The sword flies from Azmuth's lab landing in Ed's hand.
Enemies and prophecies, facing a threat that has no end. Catchy fast music The sword flies from Ed's hand flying above Echtoros and Vilgax.
Endless power is at stake, Continuing the previous music The sword lands with a bang on the ground and Diagon's shadow is seen
Together it we must face Continuing the previous music The sword flies upwards and the entire gang puts their hand on Ascalon
Cuz it's the Knights of the Sword previous music plus some guitar The sword jumps up, the gang high five and the sword lands in Ed's hand while the logo of the series appears above the gang


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Greatest Fans of the Show[]

  1. Sci100
  2. UEEF09
  3. Ahmad


Awards For the Show

  • 1 winner of the Aprill 2012 official Featured Series.
  • 1 Winner of the best series on the Ben 10 Trix Awards!!! (sorry no link. The page was deleted)
  • Currently nominated on the Ben 10 Omega Awards. Vote for KOTS please fans
  • Has recived a 4/5 on the regular podium, quite a high rating

Characters in the Series


  • Ed
  • Artie
  • Will
  • Azmuth
  • Jane Tennyson


  • Echtoros
  • Vilgax
  • Jane Tennyson (former)
  • Diagon