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Knightmare is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Arthuran from the planet Arthure.


Knightmare is a golden-yellowish humanoid with occasional brown stripes on his limbs. He has two biological slots on his back, made of his bones. On the other hand, his armor, helmet and swords are not biological, instead they are metallic. He has a red cloth symbol on his armor, which is aesthetical among Arthurans.


Knightmare speaks with a heavy Austrian accent. He replaces the Kn (like in his name) with Khn.

Powers and Abilities

Knightmare is a skilled Medieval fighter. He has multiple attack techniques, often created by his advanced swordsman ability. His slots on the back are used to store his two swords.

Knightmare is physically strong, as he is able to swing large metallic swords without any effort, and very durable, thanks to his dense armor. As his species is a dueller, Knightmare has all the stats needed for fighting.

Knightmare has a somewhat quick reaction, being able to react to Maelanykrum summoning devils and getting out his swords.

The helmet worn by Knightmare grants him night vision.


Knightmare's armor has a limit of how much damage he can take, as demonstrated when it was scratched by one of Maelanykrum's devils.

Despite his enhanced speed, Knightmare is not as fast as a Makutan or an Aviaquilan.

If Knightmare's helmet breaks, he won't be able to see for a while.


  • Knightmare was first used by Evfnye in That Cosmic Object, when he selected the new transformation to practice, but was interrupted by Maelanykrum, who has a hatred for Arthurans. They battled each other until Evfnye timed out.
  • In A Royal Service, Knightmare fought Dr. Quotient just before being blinded by his helmet breaking.



  • Knightmare's armor is removable, although it requires a lot of maneuvering.