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"Knight of the Living Rightmare" is the seventh episode of Ben 10: Peace in dimensions.


In the Dream Eater, Ben finds himself in a dreamworld where a Forever Knight have the Ultimatrix. Ben tries to steal the watch from him, but he turns into Goop and escapes.

Ben search trought the Forever Knight castle he are in. He finds Sir Dagonet and confronts him. He says that he must tell his knight that he must give back the Ultimatrix to him. Dagonet misterousely takes of his head. A new head grows out, and its Gwen.

Ben screams loudly in fear. Gwen tells that everything is going to be fine. Ben didn't believe here. Ben runs away, but Gwen is after him. Gwen tells Ben that he must give up and give up the Ultimatrix to her. Ben doesn't want to listen. Ben finds a sword, and kills her. Gwen's last words where "You should have listen". Ben understand that its wasen't Gwen, but a imposter. Ben finds the Forever Knight and shoots on him with a Laser Lance.

The Forever Knight transforms into Humungousaur to block the shoot, but he is hurt. Ben prepare to shoot him again, but the Forever Knight transform into Swampfire. He regenerate the shoot.

Ben goes mad again and says he hates this adventure. He grabs the Ultimatrix and transforms into Articguana. He freezes the Forever Knight. He then transform into Jet Ray and goes trought cyber-space to came home again. Ben is home and find Albedo.

Ben transform into Spidermonkey and then Ultimate Spidermonkey and prepare for fight. But a Null Void portal summon him and zaps him out.


  • Ben Tennyson


  • Albedo
  • Forever Knight
  • Sir Dagonet/Gwen Tennyson

Aliens used[]

By Forever Knight:

  • Goop
  • Humungousaur
  • Swampfire

By Ben:

  • Articguana
  • Jet Ray
  • Spidermonkey
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey


  • First appearence of Articguana in Peach in Dimensions.
  • First time a Forever Knight uses an Omnitrix or a Ultimatrix.
  • Ben kills a dreamvertion of Gwen, only because she is evil in the dream.