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Knight of All Knights is a series by Sci100 that follows George as he becomes the knight he is when he appears in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. It was created on March 24th, 2012 and ended on October 10th, 2012. It is part of the Forever Knights (Franchise) and a Sci100 Studios project.

George, slayer of Diagon, creator of the Forever Knights is a honorable knight who does whats right, but was he always the same?


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Mighty Characters in the Series

Honorable Heroes

  • George
  • James ( George's older brother).
  • Clifton ( George's Best friend )
  • Tomas ( 2nd Best Friend and brother of Clifton)
  • Richard the III ( Deceased the whole series )
  • General Will ( Leader of the Roman Camp )
  • Sir Kay ( Knight and friend of George in Season 3 )
  • Sir Malcolm ( Knight and Friend of George in Season 3 )
  • Azmuth

Villianous Villians