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Knight in Shining Armor
General Information
Original broadcast March 13, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 17
Overall episode number 37
Written by Ebomnitrix, ZZ & Kakapokid5
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Knight in Shining Armor is the thirty-seventh episode of E-10: Horizons.


While Hannibal takes his time to grieve over the loss of his Granny Judith, Ethan makes an important choice.


Turn of Events (Ep 37)

[We zoom into Hannibal’s house where we cut to Hannibal holding onto Granny Judith’s dead body as he was crying. Naomi was laying in the background crying.]

Hannibal (Narration): Granny Judith was the best grandmother anybody could have ever asked for.

[We cut to a memory flash of Granny Judith feeding a plate of cookies to Hannibal and Naomi.]

Hannibal (Narration): She was kind.

[We cut to Granny Judith giving candy to a sad kid.]

Hannibal (Narration): She was nurturing.

[We cut to Granny Judith was shown taking care of her garden carefully.]

Hannibal (Narration): And she was there for Naomi and I when no one else was.

[We cut to a memory flash of a younger Hannibal and Naomi being dropped at Granny Judith’s doorstep, as the two hugged onto her tightly.]

Hannibal (Narration): Unfortunately, life had other plans from her. Over time, her age was starting to catch up to her, and we did everything we can to help her, like she helped us. Until eventually her time came.

[We cut to a memory flash of Granny Judith’s body being taken into an ambulance. Then we cut to Naomi sitting by Granny Judith’s body, as Hannibal was also watching over while the doctors were doing everything they could to save her. We zoom into her face as her eyes were still shut, but had tubes surrounding her nostrils.]

Hannibal (Narration): Nobody, not even the doctors know how she particularly died. But we were told by the doctors her nervous system was severely damaged, that’s when I was left wondering, how that could have possibly happened when she was in good health.

[We cut to a doctor telling Hannibal and Naomi the news about Granny Judith. Naomi was crying but Hannibal was left confused. We cut to the present day where Hannibal was dressed in a suit as he was making a speech outside Granny Judith’s grave. A few friends of the family were sitting in the chairs. Ethan, Alice, Terence, Nikki and Naomi were sitting up front.]

Hannibal (Narration): She was taken from us too soon, she still had a good ten, no, twenty years left… I…

[Hannibal held back from crying, and took a deep breath.]

Hannibal: Thank you.

[The audience applauded him and Hannibal stepped away. The others noticed Hannibal was leaving the area for a moment as he blocked his face to show any emotion. Naomi and Nikki followed him to comfort him. Ethan, Alice and Terence looked at each other with concern.]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Soul Searching (Ep 27)

[We cut to a few days later where Hannibal and Naomi finished packing his car.]

Hannibal: That’s the last of the boxes.

Naomi: Granny still has a bit of money left for us to take care of the place for a few months.

Hannibal: I know, it’s just… it wouldn’t be the same here without her...

[The scene shifted to Ethan’s house as Ethan was showing Hannibal the guest bedroom.]

Ethan: Here, you guys can take… what was Maria’s room. I’m sorry I don’t have a spare bedroom for Naomi.

Naomi: It’s fine.

Hannibal: Don’t worry about it. We can split the bed like we did when we were little.

[Naomi cringed.]

Hannibal: But if we need to. I can crash on the couch.

Naomi: No… it’s fine. Thank you.

[Hannibal and Naomi began dropping off their luggage inside.]

Naomi: I hope we’re not being a burden to you.

Ethan: No, you’re not. Honest! Besides, aside from Alice being here all the time, I’m just kind of here by myself, so it’s nice to have some company.

[Pops her head in from the doorway.]

Alice: And don’t you worry. I’ll be sure to cook us some great meals when you need them!

Ethan: Alice is a pretty good cook.

Hannibal: Thank you. Alright, Naomi, let’s go grab the rest of our things.

Ethan: [Prepares the Omnitrix] Do you need Four Arms?

Hannibal: No, it’s fine. We got this.

Naomi: Thank you, though.

[Hannibal and Naomi stepped out of the house and Ethan took a deep breath and sat on the couch. Alice sat right next to him.]

Alice: How are you holding up?

Ethan: Pretty well. To be honest, I never thought I was going to have roommates again.

[Alice pouts at Ethan.]

Ethan: Not including you yet, by the way. I know you planned on moving in with me in May…

Alice: I know what you mean. You did a really nice thing, Ethan.

Ethan: Yeah, well I didn’t want to just leave them out on the streets. [Looks away] They don’t have any other place to go. [Turns back] So, how long do you think they’re going to be living here?

Alice: Probably until they can find a place of their own. But they should be allowed to take their time.

Ethan: Of course. [Deep breath] Thanks for helping me get through this. Roommates can be pretty stressful.

Alice: No problem. Although, you barely did anything though.

[The song shifted. An alarm from the Omnitrix suddenly went off. Ethan went ahead and checked the caller ID, revealing to be Lieutenant Steel. Ethan looked at Alice, and she nodded. Ethan answered.]

Tough Call, Ep 34

Ethan: I thought I told you no more missions until things were settled down.

Lieutenant Steel: Well that’s a polite way to say hello.

[Ethan pouted.]

Lieutenant Steel: Anyway, I found some information I think you would like to see for yourself. It involves the Teotls, I’m sending you the coordinates. [Ends call.]

Ethan: Teotls activity. I better go.

[Ethan and Alice stood up. Ethan noticed this and turned to Alice.]

Ethan: Uh, Alice, do you mind staying here to make them get acquainted?

Alice: [Sigh] Alright.

[Ethan rushes out towards the door. Alice hollers at him.]

Alice: Just try not to get yourself hurt again.

Ethan: No promises! [Slams door.]

[The song shifted.]

Sneaking Around (Zerox Transformation, Ep 37)

[The scene shifted to Sonora Peak at nightfall where Lieutenant Steel and a group of operatives were investigating a ruin-like area. Lieutenant Steel noticed a beeping noise, and turned to it. He saw Ghoulseye fly into the scene, as he powered down back into Ethan. Ethan walked over to Lieutenant Steel with an irritated look on his face.]

Ethan: So what is it?

Lieutenant Steel: Earlier this week the Remedial Force and I found some strange energy readings coming from this area after dealing with a strange porcupine situation… Anyway, I sent a squad in to investigate the area, and they told me they found strange alien readings here so I went to take a look and found symbols that I think you might recognize.

[Lieutenant Steel handed a piece or rubble over to Ethan.]

Ethan: The Teotls!

Lieutenant Steel: We found this rubble scattered all over the area. We can’t seem to make up a translation, so I was hoping with your Omnitrix we could gather more information.

Ethan: I think we can do more than that.

[Ethan turned the Omnitrix to have Zerox’s icon activated on his playlist, and slammed down.]

[ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: We zoom into a swirling ball until a white light blinded the screen. We cut to Ethan’s silhouette spinning around 360 degrees with his arms and legs raised out. Once Ethan spun to the front, particles surrounded Ethan’s body and morphed around him a few times. Then we zoom into Ethan crouching over until a green light blinded screen.]

[The light surrounded Lieutenant Steel’s face. The light faded revealing Ethan had transformed into...]

Zerox: ZEROX!!!

[The song shifted.]

Let's Talk Things Through & MTB (Zerox & Lodestar Sequence)

[Zerox opened his mouth and shot a red laser to which it scanned the entire area. He finished scanning and aimed his tubes out. All four of his tubes shot the rubble as they began to merge and form together into a wide piece of wall. This surprised the other agents and Zerox turned around.]

Zerox: Omnitrix, translate information to English.

[The Omnitrix symbol glowed and a green laser scanned the entire pillar of text. It formed into the English language. The Omnitrix beeped and transformed Ethan back into normal.]

Ethan: According to this… it’s talking about like it's some sort of ancient evil alien thing.

Lieutenant Steel: Are you reading it, or are you just guessing?

Ethan: Reading it. It says Destroy, Conqueror, Guardian, Power, To Control, Annihilate and To Save.

Lieutenant Steel: Is that it?

Ethan: Afraid so.

[The pillar disappeared before them.]

Ethan: Pretty much it talks about like it’s some kind of power up or monster or whatever.

Forever Knight: That’s because it is, E-10.

Ethan: Forever Knight!

[Lieutenant Steel and the other agents raised their weapons.]

Forever Knight: What your reading is the beast of Xipe-Totec.

Ethan: Who with the what now?

Forever Knight: One of the Teotls’ guardians they left made on this planet so that when they were resurrected, they could come and rule this planet once more. Making sure they demolished everything in its path. If you read those rocks properly, one says annihilate, one says to destroy, and another says to control. But what you don’t know about it is, it can be controlled. [brings out key] If you use this key, you can use it to reassemble the creature, but only to armor yourself so that you can be the one to control it. But only those who are powerful to wield may control the beast, and I plan to do just that.

Lieutenant Steel: Don’t move. You make one step towards it and I’ll destroy that key before you can use it.

Forever Knight: Yawn.

[The Forever Knight formed an energy dome as the other SACT soldiers tried to blast their way through. The Forever Knight raised his arm as all the rubble floated in the air, one of the rocks had a lock laying out. The Forever Knight raised the piece of rubble to him and pressed the key in. The rubble began to glow red as the Forever Knight laughed maniacally. Ethan and the other SACT soldiers stood back as the rubble began to form around the Forever Knight. It first formed chest armor then in a red flash of light, a thirty foot tall stone creature stood before them.]

Forever Knight: You see, this is what you can achieve with true power! Now I will use the Teotls’ creation to destroy them!

Ethan: That’s actually not a bad objective to be honest.

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan!

Ethan: What?! I mean it’s fair game isn’t it?

[The stone creature suddenly raised their fist down to the group and Ethan and the other agents jumped out of the way. Ethan was laying sitting on the ground.]

Ethan: Hey! What’s the big idea?!

Forever Knight: My mind! It can’t… control it…

[The Forever Knight and the stone creature were in sync and they roared from the top of their lungs. Ethan stood up as he activated the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Don’t worry, I can take it! [Slams down]

[LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: A green light formed from the Omnitrix as magnets were already formed around his chest. Ethan spun around as it was revealed as he was already transformed into Lodestar.]

Lodestar: Rock Monster! Meet my magnetic power!

[The background faded behind him. The stone creature tried smashing Lodestar with its fist. Lodestar flew out of the way, and raised his arms and legs. Lodestar unleashed a blue wave of energy. We zoom into the stone creature as the key was removed from the lock. The rock monster screamed from the top of its lungs as its body was shattered. In a blue light, the rubble fell into the ground, same being the Forever Knight, and the key. Lieutenant Steel walked over toward the Forever Knight and raised his gun.]

Lieutenant Steel: You’re under arrest, Forever Knight! For assaulting a government officer, unleashing alien terrorists, and for manipulating the closest thing I had to a son.

Forever Knight: Nicholas Schaff…

[The Forever Knight began to chuckle as Lieutenant Steel cocked his gun.]

Forever Knight: Very intriguing information, Lieutenant. But I believe this battle will have to continue another time. Until we meet again.

[The Forever Knight unleashed a cloud of smoke. Lieutenant Steel fired his bullets, but eventually the cloud faded and the Forever Knight was gone.]

Lieutenant Steel: Dammit.

Lodestar: Lieutenant! Should we go after him?

Lieutenant Steel: Why bother. He already got away. And as for the key, it would take hours for us to scavenge this area. Let’s leave it for tomorrow to dig this up. I could use some sleep…

[As Lieutenant Steel spoke, we zoomed down into the rubble where deep below lies the key as it was laid next to the piece with the lock.]

GoaDL Cinematic - (Episode 37)

[The scene shifted to the next day outside the Horizon campus. We cut into the cafeteria as Ethan entered inside with a plate containing two slices of pizza in one hand, and a Mr. Pibb in the other. Nikki arrived next to him holding a container filled with a salad and a water bottle in her hand.]

Alice: Hey!

[Ethan noticed Alice was waving at him, as she was sitting at a table nearby. Ethan and Nikki approached her and sat down.]

Ethan, Nikki: Hey!

Alice: Where’s Hannibal?

Nikki: Not doing well. He decided to stay home today.

Ethan: Weird thinking that after having a whole Spring Break to grieve, you’d think he’d want to get out of the house by now.

Nikki: Grieving takes time, Ethan, you of all people should know that by now.

Ethan: Yeah, I do. It’s just that I haven’t seen him like this.

Nikki: I have. But that was when he lost his parents...

Alice: Well, I’m sure, Hannibal will snap out of this soon. I’m supposed to come over to help with dinner tonight. Maybe I can whip something to cheer him up.

Ethan: Thanks, babe.

[Terence walked into the cafeteria holding a basket of food as he noticed the three were sitting nearby. Terence looked away and turned left to sit at another table.]

Ethan: Yo! Terence! You gonna sit with us or what?!

[The whole cafeteria stood looking at Terence. Terence noticed this and sweat dropped.]

Terence: [To himself] Unbelievable...

[Terence approached them, but didn’t sit down.]

Terence: What do you want?

Nikki: Why did you decide to ditch us like that?

Terence: Maybe it’s because I said I was done with you guys?

Alice: But the other week…

Terence: Look. I know what I said before, but I can’t keep hanging around you guys the more we put people in danger.

Ethan: But we saved those people.

Terence: Yeah and look where that got us, now Granny Judith is dead, and it’s all thanks to you, Ethan.

[Ethan looked down, and Alice stood up.]

Alice: Hey, Granny’s death was not Ethan’s fault!

Terence: Are you sure? Because when Hannibal told us about her nervous system shutting down, I decided to do some digging. Nervous systems can be shut down by an electrical attack, and who do you think that can produce electricity besides Ethan?

Alice: Wait, you’re suggesting…

Terence: I’m not saying he did it, but given Zerox whipped his ass last week. I’m sure Tezca found a pretty nice way to get his revenge.

Nikki: But we don’t know if he did.

Terence: But it isn’t impossible. Look, whether he did it or not, I can’t trust to be around you guys anymore, alright? I’m sorry, but this is how it has to be. So go bother someone else for a change.

[Terence walked away from the group as they each turned to each other with concerned looks on their faces. The song ended. The scene shifted to that night at Ethan’s house, where Alice was finished prepping dinner from the kitchen. Ethan, Hannibal and Naomi were sitting on the couch, watching television. Ethan turned to Hannibal and Naomi.]

Ethan: How you guys’ holding up?

[Hannibal and Naomi were laying back with sullen faces.]

Hannibal: Meh.

Naomi: Meh.

[Ethan noticed this, and made a concerned look.]

Alice: Alright guys, come and get it!

[Ethan, Hannibal and Naomi stood up and sat by the kitchen countertop as Alice sat down a plate of prosciutto. Alice was wearing an apron over her clothes, and was wearing gloves.]

Alice: I made prosciutto, with a cornucopia of vegetables as a side. XLR8 managed to pick it up from the market from all the way in Washington. It’s a rare delicacy and I just had to have it. Thank you, hun.

Ethan: No problem.

[Naomi began to sob and the others turned to notice this.]

The Ortus - (Ep 37, E-10 cut)

Naomi: This is something Granny Judith used to make… I’m sorry…

[Naomi ran over into her room and slammed the door.]

Alice: I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

Hannibal: No, it’s okay. I’ll go talk to her.

[Hannibal walked to their room while Alice turned to Ethan, giving him a glare. Ethan responded back with a shrug as the song shifted.]

IWTRH & TTAA - Ep 37 (E-10 Cut)

[The scene shifted to a mountain where three hikers in track suits were climbing up the hill. They each were holding hiking sticks to help climb their way up.]

???: I think it’s this way fellas.

[They finished climbing their way up. The figure leading the way took off his goggles and his beanie. His pony tail popped out and it was revealed to be Jonah Melville. The other two took off their masks, also revealing to be Melvin and Tevin.]

Melvin: Why did we have to come all the way here?

Tevin: Because, don’t you just love nature?

[Tevin and Melvin took a glance.]

Melvin: Yeah.

Jonah Melville: We’re not just here for sightseeing. We’re here for the big leagues. Behold!

[We zoom out, revealing they arrived in the same area Ethan was at the other day.]

Melvin: Whoa!!!

Tevin: What is all this?!

Jonah Melville: They say here used to lie an ancient treasure, known as the “Beyalga”.

Melvin, Tevin: Ooooh!

Jonah Melville: I was told this place was still in good shape but it appears it must have been demolished years ago.

Tevin: So what? We have to dig it up under all this rubble!

Melvin: Ugh, but it’s so much work!!!

Jonah Melville: Well, work is what’s going to make us rich! So quit your whining and help me dig. Or you’re not getting paid!

Melvin, Tevin: Fi-ine!

[Jonah, Melvin and Tevin each grabbed a piece of the rubble and threw them to the side as they began digging.]

Melvin: Ugh! This is taking too long! How much longer do we have to dig?!

[Melvin grabbed a piece of rubble.]

Melvin: Wait, what’s this?!

[Tevin snuck behind Melvin as the two saw a glyph.]

Melvin: Whoa, what’s that say?!

Tevin: I’ve been reading about Aztec mythology, apparently this says “Destroy”

Melvin: Destroy?! Uh, Melville?! Are you sure we should be digging into this!

Jonah Melville: Yes, I’m sure! And if I hear you two squeal one more time, neither of you are getting paid.

[Tevin and Melvin gave each other concerned looks as they continued to grab other pieces of rubble.]

Tevin: Look one of them says “To Control”

Melvin: And what does this say?

Tevin: “Annihilate”

[Melvin screamed and dropped the rubble. Jonah continued digging through the pile of rubble. Jonah noticed something shiny and grabbed onto it. It was revealed to be a key.]

Jonah Melville: A key?

Tevin: Hey! I found a piece with a lock on it. What does this mean?

Melvin: I don’t know...

[Jonah glared at the key and walked over to Tevin and Melvin.]

Jonah Melville: Give me it.

Tevin: But I…

Jonah Melville: Give me that already!

[Jonah grabbed the rubble of Tevin’s hands and Tevin backed off, as he and Melvin stepped away. Jonah turned around and continued to glare at the key. He placed it into the lock, then turned it.]

Jonah Melville: Huh, nothing.

[The key glowed as a bright white and red light glowed in front of them.]

Melvin: This isn’t good.

[Jonah floated into the air as the piles of rubble floated along with him. Melvin and Tevin ducked for cover to dodge the rubbles flying his way. To Jonah’s surprise, the rocks began to form into armor. It formed an arm, and then another. Melvin and Tevin hid behind the tree with frightened looks on their face. The red light stopped as slowly they stepped from the tree and gasped. Jonah began to laugh maniacally as he looked at himself. It appeared that Jonah was covered in armor, with no trace of his body in sight.]

Jonah Melville: See! Now this is what I was looking for! Who needs treasure, when you can have power! [Laughs]

Melvin, Tevin: Whoa…

[Jonah Melville suddenly punched the ground and nearly smashed the two of them.]

Melvin, Tevin: Hey! What’s your problem?!

Jonah Melville: Agh… I can’t… stop myself...

[The eyes from the creature’s head glowed a bright red as it let out a roar, revealing that Jonah was longer in control. It fired lasers from its eyes as the two ran for their lives. The laser caught the grass and some trees on fire, meanwhile Melvin and Tevin were hiding from a safe distance from the bushes. The stone creature continued to roar and rampage down the mountain. It fired more lasers and began to bash everything in sight.]

Tevin: We better get out of here!

[Melvin and Tevin ran for their lives as the creature continued its rampage.]

[The next morning, the setting took place at Ethan’s house. We zoom inside as Hannibal is prepping for Naomi’s things. Naomi turned to him.]

Naomi: Ugh, do I have to go to school?

Hannibal: Granny said education is important, especially while you’re in high school.

Naomi: Granny never said that!

Hannibal: Well, she still valued education. That’s a fact.

[The doorbell rang and Ethan came to answer it.]

Ethan: Hey, Nikki.

Nikki: Hey. How’s-

[They could hear the two bickering at each other.]

Ethan: As you can see... I woke up to them screaming in my ear.

[Nikki groaned and allowed herself inside.]

Nikki: HEY!

[Hannibal and Naomi turned toward Nikki and stopped arguing.]

Nikki: Don’t you two think it’s too early in the morning to be bickering at each other?

Naomi: But Hannibal is making me go to school!

Hannibal: Naomi…

Thank Goodness - E-10 Cut

Naomi: Why should I go to school when you’re not even going to school right now?

[Hannibal hesitated as Ethan and Nikki glanced at each other. Nikki walked to Naomi.]

Nikki: Because Hannibal doesn’t have to go, you do. Everybody has their own way of handling grief. You do too. But you're only 15 years old, so you have to go to school.

Naomi: Fine…

[Naomi grabbed her bag and stepped out the door.]

Hannibal: Thank you, Nikki.

[Hannibal grabbed his keys but Nikki stopped him.]

Nikki: Why don’t I take her to school today?

Hannibal: For real? Thanks, Nikki.

[Nikki grabbed Hannibal’s keys and walked toward the door.]

Nikki: But Naomi is right. You should go to school, you have been absent for two days.

[Hannibal hesitated as she and Naomi left the house. Hannibal turned around as Ethan was gathering his things. The song ended.]

Ethan: So, you going to school?

Hannibal: Nah, man. I need a little more time…

Ethan: Okay then…

[Ethan’s phone suddenly went off and he checked to notice another Amber Alert. He went over to notice the text, which showcased a piece of footage. The footage included civilians screaming as the stone creature was attacking downtown Merridale.]

Falling From Impending Doom!

Ethan: Oh great… the rock monster is back.

Hannibal: Who?

[Ethan stepped out the door.]

Ethan: Nothing to worry about. I’ve got this!

[Ethan slammed the door and the scene shifted to inside a classroom at Horizons. The song ended. We cut to see Professor Meechum was teaching a seminar.]

Professor Meechum: Alright class! In today’s colloquium, I would like for us to express our feelings in a mannerly way.

[The class groans.]

Professor Meechum: I need two people for this exercise! Do I have any volunteers?

[Alice raised her hand.]

Alice: I’ll do it.

Professor Meechum: Alright. Anyone else?

[Nobody raised their hands. Professor Meechum looked around the room for volunteers.]

Professor Meechum: You there, in the back!

[We cut over to Terence with his hand pressed by his cheek.]

Professor Meechum: Yes, you there. With the skull T-shirt.

[Terence sat up, and noticed he was called on. Terence groaned and walked down the stairs. Professor Meechum handed him a script.]

Professor Meechum: I’m guessing that’s a reference to K.R.U.S.H?

Terence: Yes, yes it is…

[Alice and Terence approached the stage and groaned. They were each holding a script.]

Alice: Terence…

Terence: Alice...

Professor Meechum: Alright, what you will be doing is expressing your emotions, your true inner feelings based on this script and of course your performance. Now... Begin!

Let's Take A Moment (Ep 37, Poetry Slam!)

[A title card appeared showing a VS screen between the two. Alice was on the upper right, Terence was on the bottom left. A white light blinded the screen as everything returned to normal.]

Alice: [Clears throat] Vicky, turn down that music! Now! I have to tell you something serious.

Terence: This better be good.

Alice: It’s not good, wiseass. Been trying to figure out how to tell you this, you may want to sit first, I don’t know. Your Uncle Frankie died. He got hit by a truck this morning. He’s toast.


Alice: No, it happened this very morning…

Terence: Uh… who’s Uncle Frankie?

Alice: My brother.

Terence: You have a brother? Since when?

Alice: I must have told you about him at least twice, Vicky! For God's sake now’s not the time to bust my hump, okay?

[The audience laughed.]

Terence: Why is it always my fault? I didn’t even know I had an Uncle!

Alice: Well, you did!

Terence: … Are you sad?

Alice: Well…sort of…I don’t know…what’s sad nowadays, anyhow…we’re all sad about something. I guess this adds to my basket case.

Terence: [Smirks] Not as big as my basket case.

Alice: Excuse me?

Terence: You think you have any right to be sad? uh… Ma! You’re happy! You have a boyfriend, you still have your friends. Meanwhile, me! I lost everything because of those stupid… people.

Alice: You chose to leave your friends on your own.

Terence: That was because I lost my girlfriend. Because I was losing the people I cared about, and because I wasn’t able to do anything… [Looks down] I couldn’t protect myself.

Alice: Vicky, you’re strong enough to take care of anything on your own.

Terence: Am I?! Every time I joined one of your missions, I’ve always lost something! Heck, I broke my arm! In fact, we just lost Granny Judith, uh… Frankie’s Brother! We promised him we would protect her, and we didn’t! Do you know how hard this has been for me? To keep losing everybody we’ve cared about.

Alice: And you think this hasn’t been any easier for me either?!

[Terence looked up in shock.]

Alice: I had to work my butt off just to make sure I wouldn’t lose the people I cared about. Do you know how tired I am, of letting people down? I always have to keep up a brave face, for Ethan’s sake, and mine! But it’s hard to know when we’ve lost just as much as you have. The only reason I can still put on a brave face now is because I know we can do something to stop this, so we don’t have to lose anymore.

Terence: Then why do you still stick around?!

Alice: Because I won’t run and hide away from my problems! Unlike you, I choose to face my demons.

Terence: Alice…

Alice: And no matter how many sacrifices I make, I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, because I know I can still save somebody. But what about you? Are you going to keep crying into the corner trying to dodge everything bad that happens in your life, or are you going to do something about it?

[Terence took a deep breath.]

Terence: Okay, Ma. I’ll do it.

[The song ended. The audience applauded their performance, as Terence and Alice bowed. We cut to Professor Meechum wiping his tears.]

Professor Meechum: That was beautiful...

[We cut to Nikki and Naomi being stuck in traffic, downtown.]

Nikki: Wow, there is sure a lot of traffic today. How’re ya doing, Naomi?

Naomi: Fine.

Nikki: You know you can always talk to me if you want. I know Granny’s death has done a number on you.

Naomi: Why would you think...

Nikki: It’s okay, I won’t say a word.

E-10 - Everyone are Friends

Naomi: [Deep breath] It’s just… when I was little, it was always me and Hannibal, me and Hannibal. You know our parents died when we were little? We didn’t have anyone. But then we were taken to Granny Judith’s house. Everything eventually got better, we were happy. We were happy… And now it feels as if everything we’ve gained, everything that we’ve found… it’s been ripped from us. Everything good in our lives is gone! Now it’s just me and Hannibal again. What am I supposed to do now? Just go to school like nothing ever happened?

Nikki: Don’t worry, Naomi. You’ve still got us, so it isn’t just you two anymore.

Naomi: But what if-

Nikki: I promise, nothing is going to happen to you or Hannibal as long as I’m around.

[Naomi began to sob and clinged onto Nikki as she cried on her shoulder.]

Naomi: Thank you, Nikki.

Nikki: No problem, girl.

[To their surprise, a giant foot nearly stomped on their car. The song shifted.]

Down the Block - Ep 37

[Naomi and Nikki screamed to realize the foot stepped on the engine of one nearby. It was revealed to be made of stone. We zoom up to see an Omni-Spliced AmpFibian firing EMP blasts.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Hey! Pringles Guy coming through!

[Nikki and Naomi noticed people were leaving their vehicles and exiting the area. Nikki stepped out of the car.]

Nikki: Come on, we have to go!

Naomi: NIKKI!

[Nikki opened Naomi’s door, grabbed her hand, then dragged her out of her seat as they ran away from the area. It was revealed the stone creature was nearly as tall as the buildings on the block as AmpFibian continued to try and blast the stone creature. We cut to Nikki dragging Naomi away from the fight on the sidewalk.]

Naomi: What’s going on? Why is Ethan fighting that giant rock monster?!

Nikki: Like I’d know?! Right now, we need to get you to safety!

[Nikki and Naomi hid behind an alleyway.]

Naomi: But, Nikki!

Nikki: Stay here!

[Nikki ran back towards the fight as Naomi stared at her direction, with a concerned look. We shift back to AmpFibian, who flew around the stone creature as it kept trying to swat him away.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Hey, nobody said you can go fishing for this fish today! Now how's about I send you back to your monument!

[AmpFibian charged himself with more electricity and unleashed a shock wave, which sent the stone creature back. The stone creature went flying back down the street, and nearly fell down onto a line of traffic. The crowd panicked and tried to run away.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: Oh no…

[AmpFibian noticed this and flew towards the rock monster. AmpFibian raised his arms and tried to levitate the stone creature while it was in mid-air. AmpFibian struggled to hold a grip on it but tried his hardest to stop him from falling as fast. The crowd under the stone creature’s shadow noticed AmpFibian was trying to save them.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: RUN! HURRY!!!

[The crowd ran away from the area, and the stone creature was safely down into the street with its arms and legs raised out. Omni-Splicer AmpFibian floated toward the creature as he took deep breaths.]

Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: I think it’s down…

[Its arm suddenly went up in the air and smacked AmpFibian backwards. He screamed from the top of his lungs until he went flying from the other side of the street, then into the ground. AmpFibian reverted back into Ethan as he fell unconscious. The stone creature finally got up and turned toward Ethan’s direction. It raised its arm in the air as it clenched a fist. Ethan's eyes slowly opened as he saw its fist heading toward his direction. Ethan’s eyes widened then he shut them as he braced himself for impact. Suddenly, nothing happened. Ethan opened his eyes to realize the stone creature was blocking Nikki’s attacks.]

Nikki (Firefly): Looks like you need someone to light up your life!

[Nikki was blasting electrical beams at the stone creature’s way. The creature continued to block, then tried to swat Nikki away a few times. Nikki dodged each attempted swat the creature made.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hey! Nobody said you could swat Firefly!

[The stone creature turned away from Nikki’s direction and began bashing down the street. It destroys cars, chunks of buildings, and a light post. The light post fell onto a mailbox and exploded. The stone creature raised its arm and roared. A group of people screamed and the stone creature turned over to notice a crowd was running from it. From his viewing position it noticed a frightened Naomi staring at it. The stone creature walked over to her.]

Naomi: Wait what are you doing?!

[Naomi tried to run away but after a few steps, she was grabbed by the stone creature as it roared while Naomi screamed in fright.]

Ethan, Nikki (Firefly): Naomi!

[The song shifted.]

Heart to Hannibal - Ep 36 (New Version)

[We cut back to Ethan’s house where Hannibal is laying in his bedroom, depressed. Hannibal’s phone rang and he turned over to see Ethan was on the caller ID. Hannibal grabbed it and answered.]

Hannibal: Hello?

Ethan: Hannibal, I need backup, stat!

Hannibal: Ethan, I don’t feel like helping out right now.

[We cut back to Ethan’s end.]

Ethan: Well you’re gonna have to because your sister is in danger.

[Naomi screamed as Nikki was seen from a distance at the stone creature, dodging its attacks. We cut back to Hannibal’s end.]

Hannibal: [Sat up] Naomi!

Ethan: Hurry, Hannibal, you’re the only other person with a supersuit right now, and I don’t know how much longer Nikki can distract her!

Hannibal: I’m on my way!

[The song ended. Hannibal went into the garage, turned on the lights and walked over to his exosuit to reveal it was still in mint condition. We cut back to Nikki dodging more of the stone creature’s attacks.]

Trial Through Alien and Armor & It's Action Time! (Ep 37)

Nikki (Firefly): How’s it going over there, watchboy?!

Ethan: [Turning the dial] It’s not “watchboy”, and I’m still recharging!

Nikki (Firefly): Well I can’t get a hit on this thing until we get Naomi’s out of harm’s way!

Ethan: Try aiming for the leg!

[Nikki turned back to the stone creature, fired an electrical orb on it’s ankle. The stone creature fell one of its legs on its knees. The stone creature turned to Nikki and swung its free arm toward Nikki. Nikki’s eyes widened as its shadow approached her.]

Nikki (Firefly): Uh oh.

[Nikki prepared a forcefield until she was swatted away and fell back onto a car. The forcefield disappeared as Nikki was unable to move.]

Ethan: Nikki!

[The stone creature raised its right arm back, then threw Naomi into the air. Nikki noticed this and struggled to move. We cut to Ethan with his eyes widened.]

Ethan: Naomi, no!

[Naomi screaming from the top of her lungs, Ethan tried running backwards to try and catch her, until luckily in time, Hannibal jumped over, using his rocket boots and caught Naomi. Hannibal sat Naomi down as he was surrounded by his exosuit.]

Naomi: Hannibal? Since when did you get a super suit?

Hannibal: I just got it.

[Hannibal walked over and helped Nikki off the car, and helped her keep balance for a moment.]

Hannibal: I've got ya. Can you stand?

Nikki: Yeah, I think... Thanks for coming out.

Hannibal: No need to thank me, just came to my senses.

[Nikki kissed Hannibal on the cheek as Hannibal responded back with a smile. Ethan walked over to them while Hannibal and Naomi stepped away from the group.]

Hannibal: I’m gonna take Naomi and go evacuate the area before anymore civilians can be grabbed by that thing. I believe you two know what to do.

[Hannibal and Naomi ran away from the fight as Ethan and Nikki turned back. Nikki flew into the air and fired more electrical blasts at the creature. The stone creature screamed as it tried to block the attacks. Ethan noticed something familiar about its screams.]

Ethan: Nikki? Does that scream sound awfully a lot weird to you.

[Nikki stopped blasting and noticed it screaming and blocking itself for cover.]

Nikki (Firefly): Yeah, it sounds human.

[Nikki used her goggles to scan the stone creature. She raised her arms up as it was surrounded in electricity. Nikki then raised them down and moved her goggles up.]

Nikki (Firefly): There’s something inside that thing… I felt it through an electrical pulse.

Ethan: It’s just like before…

[The Omnitrix glowed green and Ethan turned over to notice it fully recharged. Ethan tapped the button as it formed a diamond symbol. Ethan turned the dial from AmpFibian to Heatblast, to Lodestar, then slammed down. In a green light, Ethan had transformed into an Omni-Spliced Ghoulseye by accident.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Ooooh! I guess Ghoulseye can work too!

[Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye floated towards the creature as it raised his foot. His foot charged a super electrical attack, then kicked it with his hoof. The stone creature fell on its knee. It tried attacking Ghoulseye as he phased through its arms. Ghoulseye fired arrows towards its head, then screamed and covered his head. Ghoulseye floated above him as his body became covered in electricity.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: NOW FOR MY NEW FINISHING MOVE…

[In a yellow spinning background, Ghoulseye raised his arms back as his star summoned multiple arrows behind him. Ghoulseye became surrounded in an electrical aura, which formed in the shape of a horse.]


[Ghoulseye launched all the arrows as he ran down towards the stone creature. The arrows blasted the stone creature and Ghoulseye rammed into him, creating an electrical explosion. Smoke clouded the area as Nikki blocked herself for cover. The fog cleared as the stone creature was laying on the ground, with parts of its body turned to rubble.]

Nikki (Firefly): You finished him?!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Not quite yet…

[Ghoulseye phased into the remains of the stone creature. He found the key and removed it from the lock. The remains of the stone creature flew off him and turned to rubble as an injured Jonah Melville was laying on the ground, unable to move.]

Nikki (Firefly), Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Jonah Melville?!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: Ayy, I haven’t seen you for a while! What’s up?

[Jonah coughed and opened his eyes, noticing the two were standing before him.]

Jonah Melville: Oh, hey… it’s you…

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: What were you doing at Sonora Peak?

Jonah Melville: I was told there was a hidden treasure all the way in some ancient tunnel.

Nikki (Firefly): Oh I get it. He must’ve been sent there to dig up the key, but became surrounded in that freaky rock armored thing.

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: It must’ve been by the Forever Knight. Now it’s all starting to make sense. He couldn’t have that power so he sent someone else to claim it for him.

Jonah Melville: Actually, I was after… the Beyalga… And it would’ve been all mine…

[Jonah Melville fell unconscious.]

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye, Nikki (Firefly): What?!

Nikki (Firefly): That’s it?!

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye: It was all just a coincidence?! Agh, man! Why can’t things just be cool interconnected conspiracies for once?!

[The song ended. We cut back to Ethan’s house where an injured Ethan stepped at the doorway, with Hannibal, Nikki and Naomi entering behind him. Alice sat up from the couch and ran to Ethan to hug him tight.]

Alice: I’m glad you’re okay!

Ethan: Agh… not too tight.

[Alice freed Ethan.]

Hannibal: What are you doing here?

Alice: Well, Ethan texted me about the situation so I came here and brought my first-aid kit in case somebody needed it.

Nikki: Awww, how sweet. [Elbows Ethan]

Ethan: Ow, Thanks Alice.

[Ethan covered the bruise and Alice grabbed his hand.]

Alice: Come on, let’s treat that wound.

I'm Sure They Still Love You

Naomi: I’m going to go rest in my room. Being swung around by that monster really makes you dizzy.

[Naomi walked to her room.]

Hannibal: Okay, but remember, we still have to call your school!

Naomi: I know!!!

[Hannibal and Nikki chuckled and sat down on the couch.]

Nikki: She can be so crazy sometimes.

Hannibal: I know right?

Nikki: So how are you feeling?

Hannibal: How am I feeling? ...Well, I’m doing better. Once I heard Naomi was in danger, I knew I had to do something. I didn’t want to lose her like I did with Granny Judith.

Nikki: Hanny…

Hannibal: I’ve been trying to be strong, for Naomi sake, but ever since Granny died I just can’t take it anymore. I feel hopeless, and weak, like someone’s beating the strength out of me. Like I’m just not strong enough to live without her. She’s always been the one protecting Naomi and I, and then as she got older, I’ve always been the one to protect her. Now without her, I’m left to just take care of Naomi, she’s the only family I have left, and ever since Granny died, I keep thinking “Wow, Terence was right”. what’s the point of protecting others if you can’t even protect your friends or yourself. I just don’t know if I can do this without Granny.

Nikki: You can do it, Hannibal. You know why? Because you’re strong and man enough to do anything.

Hannibal: Nikki…

Nikki: No I mean it, and you don’t need a super suit to protect yourself, or to protect her from what’s out there. That’s why you have a lending hand, a bunch of them actually. You don’t have to pretend like you're a strong guy who can handle everything. That’s why help is out there. You have me, Ethan and Alice. We’ll help you, whenever you need it. But remember, Naomi needs you the most right now, so make sure you’re the one who’s there for her, like how we’ll be there for you.

Hannibal: Thank you, Nikki.

[Hannibal and Nikki reached in for a kiss until suddenly she got an alert on her phone. The song ended. Nikki checked her phone as Ethan opened the door from his bedroom, with his wound now treated.]

Ethan: It’s Lieutenant Steel…

[Ethan walked toward Hannibal and Nikki, as Alice followed him.]

Moving Forward (Ep 37)

Ethan: He wants to meet us back at Sonora's Peak immediately. He found another temple, and he said he’s got more Teotls information to show us.

Nikki: [Turns to Hannibal.] Hannibal, will you be?

Hannibal: I’ll be fine. [Turns to Ethan] Just make sure nothing happens to my girl here, okay?

[Ethan nodded. Ethan triggered the wound on his shoulder and held onto it as he groaned.]

Alice: I don’t think so. Your wounds are still recovering. You need to stay and rest.

Ethan: Alice, I have to. It’s important. [Stretches shoulder] I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I’ve got Nikki to back me up. Just both of you promise me you’ll stay here and keep an eye on Naomi, in case Tezca attacks here or whatever.

Hannibal: Hey, I’ve still got my exosuit on.

Alice: Yeah, okay. But if you need help.

Ethan: I won’t hesitate to call you, babe.

[The song shifted.]

This Information & Now We're Only Falling Part, Ep 37

[The scene shifted to outside a small temple nearby as Lieutenant Steel was patiently waiting outside with a group of vehicles around him. Ethan parked his car nearby, then he and Nikki stepped out and walked over to Lieutenant Steel.]

Ethan: What is it, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: A few hours ago my squad and I found an exhibition site that we believe has involvement with the Teotls. We can tell because it has the same markings on the walls as the other things we’ve found in the last couple months.

Nikki: So why did you call us?

Lieutenant Steel: Because, I haven’t heard back from my squad for over an hour.

[Ethan and Nikki glanced concernedly at each other. We cut to the three already entering the tunnel. The hallways were lit up through candle sticks lighting up the walls.]

Nikki (Firefly): These markings on the walls. They’re all saying the same thing as they did back when we went to the Amazon.

Ethan: And it’s telling me strangely enough some of what Tezca said to me before he killed Maria.

Lieutenant Steel: Are you both locked and loaded?

Ethan, Nikki (Firefly): Uh huh.

[Suddenly all the flames in the hallways went out from a straight angle and everything went black.]

Lieutenant Steel: They went out.

[A green light blinded the screen and Ethan had transformed into Heatblast. Heatblast lit a flame on his palms and continued forward.]

Heatblast: I’ll lead the way.

[Heatblast, Nikki and Lieutenant Steel continued moving forward. As they walked further, Heatblast’s foot pressed a trigger below. The ceiling grew spikes as parts of the ceiling went flying down behind them.]

Lieutenant Steel: Run!

[Lieutenant Steel, Nikki and Heatblast ran down the path until they reached a set of stairs. Behind them, the path closed for a moment, then opened back up as the spikes disappeared.]

Heatblast: Now I know we gotta be careful when we go back...

[Ancient graffiti appeared on the sides of the walls as they glowed red.]

Nikki (Firefly): Whoa… More Teotl writing…

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, can you decipher it?

Heatblast: Omnitrix?

[Heatblast was powered down back into Ethan, as the Omnitrix scanned the entire surrounding around them. The letters turned green and the language shifted into English. Lieutenant Steel and Nikki walked up to the images and language as they read.]

Lieutenant Steel: Beware of the Earth, the being who drowned his foes in blood and fire.

Nikki (Firefly): Beware of the Smoking Mirror, the being who forced his enemies to dance until they were no more.

[They kept walking as they read.]

Lieutenant Steel: Beware of the Blue Hummingbird, the being who never lost a war…

Nikki (Firefly): And who killed his siblings for self-glory.

Lieutenant Steel: Whoever steps through shall follow the same fate.

Ethan: Wait… what does that mean…?

[They exited the stairs as the Omnitrix shut off to recharge. They entered a dark room.]

Ethan: Nikki, do you mind yep?

[Nikki created a small orange orb, and floated it until they can find a place to set it.]

Ethan: Agh, what’s that smell?

Lieutenant Steel: It smells like… dead bodies…

[Nikki raised her orb’s strength and the room was finally lighten. They realized the room was surrounded with SACT soldiers having their corpses either laid on the ground by weapons, or some of them were decapitated with their bodies hung on the walls. The group gasped and were frightened.]

Nikki (Firefly): What is this?!

[Nikki gagged but tried to swallow it in.]

Lieutenant Steel: My team…

[Ethan clenched his fists as he tried to hold back his anger. Ethan’s face wasn’t shown.]

Ethan: This is what they meant… The Teotls… They must’ve got caught in the trap earlier…

Nikki (Firefly): But how could something like this happen on such a scale?

Lieutenant Steel: The markings on the wall… If any living being tried would try to enter this room, they would suffer a horrific death! The wall, it was talking about the Teotls… It was a warning about the inhumane lengths they’d go to make others suffer…

[Ethan walked away from the two.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): We’ve seen them do this before, over and over… And yet I was foolish enough to send them in. It’s the same thing every time and we never learn!

[Ethan walked to the artifact to notice a pair of arms were hanging around it.]

Ethan: Then it’s time we did something.

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan?

Ethan: I let the Teotls live on to see if there was anyway to handle them like any other criminal. Instead, they take that and use me as a stupid pawn so that they can take the lives of many innocent people, including the people I've cared about.

[We cut to a memory flash of Maria turning over to the screen, as she made a smile on her face. Then we cut to another flash of people running from a storm on the news cast.]

Ethan: ...I can't keep letting them harm people over their belief of being superior beings. Someone has to put them in their place.

Nikki (Firefly): What is that supposed to mean?

Ethan: … You know how they constantly call themselves gods, beings of heaven?

[Ethan looked up to the screen and an enraged look spread across his face.]

Ethan: Well, I'm going to send those bastards straight to hell.

[The scene cuts to black as the song fades out.]


Forget me not - ReoNa - E-10 ED 4
E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V2 (Short) AMV

E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V2 (Short) AMV

Episode 38 preview

[We shifted through various scenes where the group was inside the green elevator as they were suiting up in their G.L.E.E. armors. The next scene showed them arriving onto an alien looking island. The scene shifted to them running away from a swarm of hummingbirds, alongside Omni-Splicer Wildmutt and Hypnotick. The next scene showed them entering down a blue cavern where Hutizilo and Tezca stood before them. The last scene showed Tezca bursting into laughter as everyone turned over to him with fright.]


Major Events

  • Terence discovers who killed Granny Judith.
  • Ethan decides to put the Teotls down.


  • This episode takes place a week and a half after the events of Omnious Thunder.
  • Hannibal and Naomi grieve over Granny Judith's death.
  • Terence mentions how pissed Tezca was when he was defeated by Omni-Splicer Zerox.
  • Lieutenant Steel is still angry at the Forever Knight for pushing Nicholas Schaff to becoming an Esoterican member.
  • When Ethan makes his speech to kill the Teotls, he makes references and flashes back to Maria's death in Destination: St. Moritz, and from Tezca's lightning storm in the following episode.



  • Jonah Melville
  • Forever Knight

Aliens Used


  • Zerox's tranformation sequence is a reference to Swampfire, Big Chill and Clockwork's in the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era.
  • The ending scene is based on Steins;Gate 0 when Okabe and Moeke find out that Kagari was being tortured by it;s series villains.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • The Ortus
    • I Want to Return Home
    • Thank Goodness
    • Get Race Begin!
    • Everyone Are Friends


  • The origin of the skull on Terence's shirt is revealed to be his favorite band "K.R.U.S.H."
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