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The Klomunculus is an artificial being created by Azmuth, and is Scatterjack's species.


The Klomonculus is a humanoid, frog-like being. It has a large, round upper body and strong legs. It has big arms with a musle-like design to them. It has a metallic head with metallic eyebrows. Scatterjack is currently the only Klomonculus in existence, and is green, wears a mostly black and white outfit with a green belt, and has green eyes.


To prevent Ben from overusing the Omnitrix's quick switch feature, Azmuth created the Klomonculus as a means to let Ben use multiple alien powers at once, each clone being able to access a different alien's power out of the ones unlocked.


  • The Klomonculus is able to duplicate itself, and each clone can access the powers of a different Omnitrix alien.


  • The Klomonculus' power is only a fraction of how powerful the original alien is, a weakness specifically put in by Azmuth to prevent the alien from being too powerful.

Notable Klomunculi

  • Scatterjack (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Klomunculus)


  • The Klomonculus is the second known artificial alien in the Omnitrix to be made by Azmuth, the first being the Galvanic Mechamorphs. However, the Klomonculus is the first one known to be made on purpose.
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