Kitty Quick

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Kitty Quick is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of a Citrakayah from the planet Chalybeas.


Kitty Quick is a feline-like alien with a black and blue suit, and his hands, legs, chest and part of his head are colored cyan. Similar to Bi-Valve, Kitty Quick has spike-like blades on his arms and legs, and his fur around his blue eyes resemble a mask, as well as a triangle-shaped nose, a thunderbolt-like design down his chest, and a triangle one down his back.

Powers and Abilities

Much like Speedy Quick, Kitty Quick has enhanced speed and agility, and is shown to have enhanced reflexes as well, although he is not as fast, being more useful due to his agility and maneuverability.

Kitty Quick is capable of giving himself a boost of speed while running. This is demonstrated when Dr. Animo's missile flew past Fasttrack, and he ran at a higher speed, allowing him to outrun it for a short time and forcing Animo to increase the missile's power. Furthermore, Kitty Quick can also jump to great heights while running.

Kitty Quick is durable enough to withstand being thrown against the Seal. This feat also reveals that he can recover quickly, as he was able to immediately get back on his feet and continue running when he saw that Sir George was about to attack him again. Similarly, Kitty Quick is able to recover from falling to the ground after he jumped towards a missile, but failed to catch it.

Kitty Quick possesses enhanced strength, as Ben was able to carry both Magister Hulka and Tack to safety without losing any speed. Technically speaking, Kitty Quickis physically stronger than Kinecelerans.

Kitty Quick has enhanced dexterity, as seen when Fasttrack disarmed a group of Forever Knights by taking their weapons and was able to carry them all in his hands before dropping them on the floor.

Even though he has never trained himself to do so, the sharp blade-like structures on Kitty Quick's arms and legs could be used as weapons to cut and tear when running past someone or something at a fast pace. His fur can also be used as paralyzing needles.


If he is running fast enough, Kitty Quick can have a hard time stopping.

It is implied that, despite his enhanced speed, Kitty Quick is physically slower than Kinecelerans.

Being a speed-based alien, Kitty Quick shares similar weaknesses with Speedy Quick, such as his speed being used to an opponent's advantage, as well as being unable to run on certain surfaces like ice, which can make Kitty Quick slip very easily.




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