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This is the untabbed version. For the tabbed version, see Kirby 10: Captured.

Kirby 10: Captured is a series starring Ben Tennyson the IIIrd, the third generation's Ben Tennyson, which takes place approximately 50 years AFTER his great ancestor, Ben Tennyson, died of age.However, Ben Tennyson the IInd still lives, but he had given his omnitrix to Ben Tennyson the IIIrd when he started to get too old for it. After Ben Tennyson the IIIrd got the omnitrix, it recolabirated to fit the user, in this case BT the IIIrd. After that, he took the family tradition and went around saving the day, with the nick name "Kirby Mason". He currently has 10 aliens that were accesed with the recalabiration with the ones that Ben Tennyson the IInd and Ben Tennyson accessed as well,with a still uncontrolled Ghostfreak.However, even with the experience of ALL those aliens, nothing could save him from the day that changed it all, when the great Vilgax captured him, and took the omnitrix from him, leaving him with nothing but his fist, feet, karate skill's, and human self.

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  • Cannonman
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  • Tortugalice
  • Smallarge
  • Atomix
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  • This series will go all the way into sometime in 2012.
  • Dr.Animo,Tetrax,Kraab,Will Harangue,Techadon Robots,Ghasten,and Alpha,the main villians,appear in the first five chapters.
  • Duplicate,the first multi-chapter part of Kirby 10: Captured,has 5 part's of it,the longest multi-chapter that will be in Kirby 10: Captured.
  • There will be 32 episodes of Kirby 10: Captured,32 real episodes.
  • There is a secret alien (SA) that will be premiered in the Season Two two part finnally.
  • Season One is the longest season,with twelve episodes.
Season 1 Episodes The Day is Here - Kidnapped, Or AlienNapped - Moving On - Snowflakes...In space? - Negative 10, Part One - Negative 10, Part Two - Negative 10, Part Three
Mini Shorts The Song
Duplicate Duplicate,Part 1 - Duplicate,Part 2 - Duplicate, Part 3 - Duplicate, Part 4 - Duplicate, Part 5
Hero Kirby Mason
Villians Kraab - Will Harangue - Dr. Animo - Tetrax (Hypnotized) - Alpha - Techadon Robots - Ghasten - Some other Ben 10 Villians
Aliens All Canon Aliens - Smallarge - Atomix - Cannonman - Tortugalice - Synopsis