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Kira Reeves
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence TBA
Age 16
Affiliations TBA
Occupations Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat
Equipment Lightning Staff
Relatives TBA
Aliases Lady Kira
Voice Actor Liza Jacqueline
First Appearance The Dragon's Awakening

Kira Reeves is one of the main characters in Draconomenal. She first appeared in The Dragon's Awakening. She is a Human from the planet Earth. Kira is a sixteen-year old high school student who became Jay Taylor's best friend in school and one of his main allies.


Kira is a teenager with warm ivory skin, short crimson hair and red eyes. She normally wears a red shirt, black jacket, white pants and lime shoes, she also uses black glasses when in school.

Occasional Appearances

In What It Means To Be a Hero?, she wore a white shirt under a red T-shirt, black shorts and red and white converse-like shoes.

In Animal Fiesta, she wore a light brown vest sweater, grey skirt, brown shoes and light blue glasses.

In Too Hot to Handle?, Kira was wearing a red sports bra and yellow shorts.


Kira is shown to be a nice and cheerful person, but is also shown to have a temper when she gets angry. Is also shown that she can be very violent when provoked or when someone hurts her friends, it's best shown when in Animal Fiesta, where the Mutant Cockatiel launched Jay to a shelf and Kira become so angry she almost killed the bird by hitting its head several times.

She has a tomboyish personality and similar to Jay, she is also quite a nerd because of her liking of fiction. Also as seen in Mining Danger, even thought she doesn't like to read books, she likes reading Lovecraft stories.

Powers and Abilities

Kira is shown to be a competent fighter and is very skilled when using weapons, especially her primary weapon, the Lightning Staff.


Kira's primary weapon is the Lightning Staff, a blue and yellow staff that can energize itself with electricity and has three modes: The primary Spear Mode, Cross Mode and Circle Moon Mode. The Spear Mode is the primary one, where she can perform electric slashes using the blades. In Cross Mode, she can throw it like a shuriken and in Circle Moon Mode, it can create an energy shield in its center that electrocutes whoever touches it.


The staff can overcharge if she accumulate too much electricity on it and it might electrocute or explode, especially electrocuting Kira.

Sometimes she can't control herself when she's angry and she might do something reckless.


Kira had a pretty normal life. Usually, she would stay in her room reading stories about Lovecraft, which made her liking for Lovecraft stories appear, and watching series. She had some friends when she was at school as a child, but when she had to move to another city to be able to attend a high school and she and her family moved to a neighborhood that was the near the school, with her usually staying alone because her parents where working.

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  • Originally Kira's name was supposed to be Ruby Rose, but it was changed so people won't confuse her for the character from RWBY. Also her weapon was supposed to be a Crescent Rose invented by Jay, but it also changed and it's place she got the Lightning Staff, which is a reference to Gouraigers' weapon.
  • Similar to Jay, she has her own catchphrase, but she has two that are based on her liking for Lovecraftian stories. The first is "Holy Cthulhu!" and "What in the Lovecraftian hell is that?!".
  • Kira most favorite thing are video games.
  • Kira is afraid of insects because when she was little, a bug entered her mouth while she was asleep and she choked on that, but her mother helped her.