General Information
Species Obedientiam
Home World Codigus
Body Humanoid Robot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Command Inducement
Confusion Inducement
Sleep Inducement
Laughter Inducement
Comfort Inducement
Optic Blasts
Prism Beam Emission
Scanner Vision
Burning Vision
Body Language Analysis
Missile Generation
Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Intelligence

Kingecha is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Obedientiam from the planet Codigus.


Kingecha resembles a humanoid robot, with an appearance based on a mecha and around the same height as a battle tank. His body is primarily colored in violet, with his forearms, thighs, legs, chest and shoulders being violet, his shoulders are very large, his hands are yellow with three fingers, his knees, arms and feet are yellow, with his feet resembling boots with small black heels and his knees are pointy. His torso is yellow, he wears a long black cape with the interior being red on his back and yellow stripes, with the cape ending behind his knees, his head is violet, his face is silver with a mask in where his nose and mouth should be, his eyes are green with a black bird-shaped pupils and the symbol of the Omnitrix is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Kingecha's primary power and most of them are used by his eyes, with his primary ability is being able to control the minds of anyone who looks at his eyes. When the bird-shaped pupils moves like it's flying, Kingecha is capable of controlling someone's mind and give them a command by just saying, the eyes of his victims become green, meaning he's controlling them.

If someone tries to attack him, he can just look at them and they will just fall on the ground. He can also glares at someone or an object and control them.

He can induce four emotions into someone by looking at them, these being confusion, making anyone confused, sleep, making anyone fall asleep, laughter, making anyone laugh and comfort, make anyone feel comfort at something.

For something more offensive, he can shoot optic blasts from his eyes that knockout anyone who is hit by them.

He can shoot a rainbow-colored beam from his eyes that when they hit a reflective surface, they are reflected.

Because of his robot physiology, he can use his eyes to scan something to analyze them.

By just looking at something, he can make that thing starts burning.

He can understand someone's body language to predict their next move.

He has missiles inside his wrists and when they open, he can launch them.

Since his powers comes from his eyes, he has a great vision.

Despite his size, he's very agile.

He's very durable and strong.

He's very intelligent, using his powers to create a strategy.


Using too much of his eye-based powers can make Kingecha's eyes hurt to the point where they start bleeding.

He can't control someone who has a strong willpower.

He can control psychics.

His prism beams can be reflected back at him.




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  • Kingecha was inspired by Code Geass, with his powers being based on the Geass, especially Lelouch's Geass, his appearance based on Zero and Shinkiro and his prism beams are based on Shinkiro's Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon.
  • In terms of personality, he can be quite arrogant and consider his allies as subjects, like a king.
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