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King Xiv is a secondary antagonist in the series Simien 10. He is the first and only excluding B'hed alien that is the same species of a alien that is named in the Polytrix. He is married to Queen Xvii, and together they are the (legal, since they are king and queen) rulers of the contident Aigeade on Fundirse. He appeared in the episodes "Acid Reign" and "League of Simien's Enemies"

King Xiv's Lego version


  • Hovering
  • Shapeshifting
  • Shooting acid
  • Shooting a type of material that when hardens is unmeltable by acid (the only thing holding it un-hardening is Xiv's ball's gravitational pull that hold the acid in place)
  • Acid skin


  • His ball can be electrocuted, making the acid fall down.
  • His material can harden on him, making him stuck in a shell
  • Technically not a weakness, his material is unmeltable, but can be broken quite easily

Species and planet

Species: Derreteir

Planet: Fundirse


He looks like Acidrain, just with no Polytrix symbol

His right arm is a blue material instead of acid,

Roles in episodes

Coming soon.