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King Timascus is the leader and head of the League of Paradoxes, holding the title of the "Time Lord", in 40: The Last Splixson.


Timascus is an alternate version of Professor Paradox.

King Timascus has been the head of the League since as far as he remembers, approximately "3 trillion eons", and was born even before.

King Timascus was responsible of eliminating any one who dares defy the fates.

Although he is the leader of the League, he doesn't seem to have much authority.

Powers and Abilities

Timascus has the ability to control time easily, stopping it, slowing it, rewinding, accelerating it, and even traveling back and forth in time. He is said to be able to do much more.

His staff can easily withstand time attacks, and can enhance his powers to an unknown degree.

He is immortal, and is immune to effects of time.


Timascus is extremely a formal person, dedicated solely to preserving time. Though, he is more a "deplomatic" time lord, while he gives orders to do actual actions to the Time Continuum Task Force instead.

He has a british accent, and uses advanced vocabulary.


40: The Last Splixson

King Timascus meets Fred in the Capital of Time, Chronia, and explains to him the concept of Fate.

King Timascus cannot stop Fred from travelling back in time to the Genocide, because it would be against Fate, however, after Fred fails to accomplish anything, King Timascus proves his point.

King Timascus warns Fred that the New Splixsons' very existance is a paradox and it is being used to open a breach between the Universe and the Antiverse. He travels with Fred the Antiverse to rectify the paradox.

Anur Chronicles

Timascus sends Fred and Blank on a mission to the Anur System to foil their plans for Nuclear Domination.


  • He is one of the many characters to be rebooted from the older Fred 40.
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