King Regi
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Forever Organisation (leader)
Occupations Forever King
Abilities and Equipment
Unitrix Type Unknown
Equipment Unitrix
Alias Reginald (actual name)
Forever King (title)
Friends Dr. Albert
First Appearance The Paradox Problem

Forever King 'Regi' Reginald is a villain in Age of the Unitrix. He first appeared in The Paradox Problem. He is a human from the planet Earth, and his unitrix species is unknown. He is the Forever King and, therefore, the ruler of the Forever Organisation.


Forever King Regi has not yet been described by appearance.


King Regi is a calm and fair ruler, as shown in The Paradox Problem when he asked for Dr. Albert's advice before allowing Godafther Abraham to dispatch a squad of Forever Suits to collect the Super Unitrix. However he is also shown to have little patience for those that would use the power of the Forever Organisation to hurt people, such as Sir Cromwell.

Powers and Abilities

Being the ruler of the Forever Organisation, King Regi has a huge amount of influence over the Earth.



Regi has been the Forever King for many decades now and is one of the most senior living members of the Forever Organisation, beaten perhaps only by Dr. Albert.

Age of the Unitrix

King Regi became aware of the presence of the Super Unitrix in The Paradox Problem. He, alongside Dr. Albert, gave Godfather Abraham permission to dispatch a squad of Forever suits to retrieve it.


Age of the Unitrix


  • Dr. Albert has entrusted King Regi with many dark secrets about his past. Regi is the only other person who knows these things.
Age of the Unitrix
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