The Kinectictrix is an omnitrix, but it only has aliens with kinetic energy. All of the aliens come to a total of 500 aliens.

Setting One The Blue Setting

The First Setting "The Blue Setting allows you to use the 500 aliens, and unlike the other omnitrixes, this omnitrix doesn't have an additional setting. This omnitrix has a total of 300,000,000 power level. The kinetic energy that this alien technolegy has is very powerful and if this Kinetictrix wasn't in any galaxy the universe would be very different

Setting Two The Yellow Setting

The Yellow Setting is a setting is a setting where you can activate scanning and self destruct mode. Scanning mode is a mode where you can take dna of any kinetic species. Self Destruct mode is a mode where you can destroy the Kinetictrix. It may not seem, but it is pretty useful, because if it is captured by an enemy you can activate the SDM. 

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