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Kim's New Crush is the 6th episode of Kobra 10.

Kobra 10
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date March 28, 2012
Written by Midnightkobra
Directed by Midnightkobra
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It's an ordinary day at Bellwood Elementary. Except theres a new student. Robert Shcoenfield is a rich kid. His father has had enough of him at home so he sent him to a public school. Kobra and Jack made fun of by calling him a "snoodypuss" which really ticks him off. But what made him mad the most was when they called him "Robbie". But there was one thing he looked forward to and that was Kim. Kim felt bad for Robbie so she hung out with him. Kobra felt jealous and was about to go Fourarms on him but Jack stopped him. Then a bank robbery was taking place and Kobra and Jack had to go, but Kim wanted to stay. Kobra activated the watch and turned into XLR8. Jack hopped on his back and they took off. In no time at all Kobra beat up the robbers and saved the day and Robert was amazed at this creature. Later Robert snuck into his dad's secret weapon vault. He wanted to fight the creature he saw earlier for fame and glory. He took his dad's fighter robot and headed out. The next day the gang was at the playground. Then Robert showed up in his robot and terrorized the kids. Kobra hid behind a bush and transformed into Wildmutt. Kim sees that Robert is controling the robot and demands Kobra stops. Jack asks why should he stop if he's terrorizing the kids and Kim says because Robert's in there. Jack says who cares he's evil and orders Kobra to attack, but Kim says no. Kobra doesn't do anything because Kim said so. Then Robert smacks Kobra and he's sent flynig. Jack runs over and kicks the robot but nothing happens.Robert kicks Jack. Robert decides he's super powerful and can rule the town as king and wants Kim to be his queen. Kims not sure if she should but Robert takes her anyway. Then the watch times out and theres nothing Kobra and Jack can do. But Kobra won't give up, so he runs towards Robert and soon Jack follows. After a couple minutes of running the Omnitrix activates again and Kobra transforms into Ripjaws. kobra soon needs water and grows weak. Jack questions why he chose him and kobra says because he has strong jaws. Jack opens a fire hydrant and it fires water on Ripjaws and he runs towards Robert. Kobra jumps on his robot and starts ripping pieces off. He takes Robert and throws him out and saves Kim. In the end robert is taken to juvinile detention and the gang goes out for smoothies.

Aliens Used[]



  • Robert Shcoenfield


  • Ripjaws 1st appearence
  • Kobra gets jealous when other guys even talk to Kim