Killing Kold
General Information
Species Kryoat Stamp
Home World Kryoat
DNA source Digital Icon
Body Goat
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nether Ice, Leaping
Voice Actor Paul McCartney
First Appearance Newest Hero(1)

Killing Kold is the MetaTrix's DNA sample of a Kryoat Stamp from the planet Kryoat, He is the first alien used by Juno Wright, albeit unintentionally.


Killing Kold resembles a purplish goat on two legs with clawed fingers and red eyes. Her body is hunchbacked with two horns on her head that resemble sharp icicles. her hands are four fingered with chains wrapped around her arms and shoulders.

​Powers and Weakness

Killing Kold has the ability to control a purplish version of ice which can be used to freeze enemies. This ice is hard to break and hard to thaw due to its extraterrestrial origins. Killing Kold is also capable of using deadly chains to eviscerate and slash enemies.

Kryoats are all capable of leaping to high areas and have a degree of strength to them.

Species and Planet information

Killing Kold's race is Kryoat, a goat-like species that lives on a freezing arctic planet. This race has been responsible for freezing the planet's core to make sure they won't die of heat. Kryoat's race tend to go out and give deadly presents to all other races. These presents are given to TerraDino and Khoros.


  • Thaxander12 and ChromastoneandTabby originally named her Craptor.
  • She is an OBVIOUS reference to Krampus.
  • Killing Kold had the most difficult appearance to make.
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