Brandon 10 - Kidnapped

Kidnapped is the 5th episode of the show, Brandon 10.


In an attempt to go the a juice store for a refill, Brandon 10 arrives at a robbery and is then kidnapped. When Brandon awakes he is in a warehouse and the corner tied up. After being tormented by food and strange objects from the robbery, Brandon is being tracked down by the police. In an attempt the go hero, Brandon turns into Wildpup but is eventually captured. This affects the police from think that the kidnappers' warehouse was a pound and they move away. On a second attempt, Brandon transforms into Slimeshot and manges to escape through a heat vent but is then captured because of slight evaporation. Due to the smell,
Brandon 10 - Heatblast vs the robbers

Heatblast vs the robbers

Poilce again belive that it is a different type of warehouse. Now the robbers are getting upset and amused, now willing to actual hurt Brandon. But on a 3rd attempt Brandon turns into Heatblast and and manges to hold the bad guys until the police arrive which by then he turns back into Human and decides to get more juice.


  • Brandon 10
  • Juice Customers
  • Cops

Aliens Used


  • Robbers


  • What they stole is unknown
  • Why they took Brandon is unknown as well
  • This is Slimeshot and Heatblast's 1st Dubuts on the show
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