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Kickin Hawk
Kickin Hawk 2018.png
General Information


Home Planet:



Humanoid Hawk

Alternate Counterparts Kickin Hawk
Other Info

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Speed
Retractable Talons
Body Spinning
Limited Space Survivability
Sharp Wing Feathers


Fine-Manipulation of Fingers

First Appearance:

The New Outbreaks

Kickin Hawk is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Plumavem from the planet Fugna.


Kickin Hawk's appearance has almost completely changed, with only his head and face looking similar to how they used to, along with his color scheme. Rather than looking top-heavy, Kickin Hawk is now more proportionate. His feet and hands still look like the feet and talons of a bird, though they've changed shape slightly, with him gaining another toe, and his hands becoming a bit smaller to be proportionate to his new, smaller, but still muscular arms. He has green bands on his shoulders. No longer having elbow blades, Kickin Hawk now has wings with razor sharp feathers, some of which are a darker, reddish brown than the rest of him. His chest is light brown, while the rest of him is dark brown. He wears black pants that end in green bandages just before his bird-like feet, which have some white bandages on them as well just before the talons. The pants go up to his stomach, where there is a black belt with white borders, with the Omnitrix in the center, akin to a wrestler's champion belt. He also now has red tail feathers.


  • Kickin Hawk retains most of his original powers.
  • Kickin Hawk no longer has elbow blades, but in their place, he has wings. These wings allow him to glide rather than fly, and can be used in combat, as the feathers are razor sharp, enough to draw blood from Liam the first time Ben used Kickin Hawk to fight him.


  • Kickin Hawk retains his weaknesses from the original canon.


  • Kickin Hawk first reappeared in The New Outbreaks when the Omnitrix scanned Liam after changing him back from Arctiguana. He then fought and defeated Liam.
  • Kickin Hawk appeared in The More They Stay the Same to fight Eon's minions. Having initially thought them to be robots, Kickin Hawk unintentionally kills one of them, realizing they're alternate Ben's ensalved by Eon.



  • Kickin Hawk's name is a play on "kicking" and "chicken hawk."
  • Kickin Hawk's species name is a play on the Latin words "pluma," meaning feather, and "avem," meaning bird. This is a reference to the phrase, "birds of a feather."
  • Kickin Hawk's planet name is a play on the Latin words "fuga," meaning flight, and "pugna," meaning fight. This is a reference to the phrase, "fight or flight."
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