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General Information
Species Unknown
Home Planet Unknown
DNA Source Liam
Body Humanoid Chicken
Abilities Sharp Claws
Sharp Talons
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Voice Actor Paul Eiding
Status Unlocked

Kick-Fil-A is the Ultimatrix MK10's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Kick-Fil-A's appearance is very chicken-like, having feathers and a beak. He also has two bandoleers connecting together on his chest. As demonstrated by Liam, his DNA sample, he clucks like a real chicken. His upper half is beige, the lower half is brown, he has orange feet-like hands and sticking out of his head on the top as well as his bottom are red feathers. The Ultimatrix MK10 symbol is on his upper chest.

Powers and Abilities

Kick-Fil-A, like Kickin Hawk, has retractable talons from his fingers, and scythe-like blades from his elbows. He can cut objects by using the sharp blades on his arms. He also has enhanced strength, durability, agility and reflexes.

Kick-Fila-A and Kickin Hawk are both recognized by Ben as his best close-range fighters, fighting almost exclusively with their legs, which have surprising flexibility and dexterity as both of them are able to reach out and grab objects much like an arm. Their kicks can generate powerful shockwaves which sends their enemies flying. They are also able to kick an object with enough force equivalent to a cannonball. Kick-Fil-A can run very quickly. However, Kickin Hawk is used quite more by Ben.

Kick-Fil-A is capable of withstanding the vacuum of space, but he still needs to breathe to survive. Without an oxygen-supply, Kick-Fil-A is limited to holding his breath.


Kick-Fil-A's three-claws and talons are able to work simple movements such as grabbing, holding and pulling the trigger of a blaster, but they are not suited for fine-manipulation, as he was unable to work a cellphone.


  • Kick-Fil-A made his debut in A New Future. He battled Eon alongside Ben 10,000.



Kick-Fil-A's name is a portmanteau of "Kick" and "Chick-Fil-A".


  • Kick-Fil-A appears to make a chicken sound when he talks, much like how Kickin Hawk often makes screeching noises when he talks and fights.
    • The same sound heard during Kick-Fil-A's transformation sequence and when he kicks.
  • Picture was made by DioBrando.
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