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General Information
Species Moonflower
Home World Moon System
DNA source Kiyoshi
Body Flower Teen
Alternate Counterparts Moodswing
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Arbokinesis

Emotion Control Future Vision

Equipment Treasures


Voice Actor Vargus Mason
First Appearance Ben 10: Into the Omniverse

Kibunki is Derwin’s Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a Moonflower from the Moon System.



Kibunki looks like Kiyoshi. He has a tall, pale, lean body with a large head. He has shoulder long black hair with white tips. He wears a black T-shirt, green jeans, and a long gray jacket.


Kibunzuki looks like Kiazuki. She has long black hair in a braid with bangs over one eye. She is wearing a tattered gothic lolita dress with long striped sleeves with jagged ends. She is wearing tabi shoes.

Powers and Abilities

Kibunki’s white parts change color based on his emotions.

  1. Red - Anger
  2. Orange - Wacky
  3. Yellow - Happy
  4. Lime Green - Fear
  5. Dark Green - Mellow
  6. Teal - Pretty
  7. Blue - Sad
  8. Purple - Brave
  9. Lavender - Inspired
  10. Pink - Love
  11. Black - Despair

In possession of a Treasure from the Moon System with a Mood Glow they can supercharge it with their emotion, giving it their color. They can then throw it on the ground to grow a themed Treasure Tree. The Treasure Tree can be used for cover, elevation, cushioning, and protection from dark magic. The fruit juice forces the emotion of the tree on the person who eats it, except for black Treasure Fruit, which is acidic. Black Treasure Fruit can also show the future to those who are skilled in growing Black Treasure Trees, which Kibunki is.

His backpack gives him an unlimited supply of Treasures.


The Treasure Trees can be cut down or uprooted, where they lose their power. Replanting an uprooted Treasure Tree gets its power back.

Black Treasure Trees don’t protect from dark magic. Black as a whole is, for all intents and purposes, a false mood. It's only redeeming factors (the acid and future sight) is hard to access, as the user has to be completely depressed.


In Past Aliens Present, Kibunki fights Robot Shot Put.

In All That Glitters Is Bright Lights, Kibunki fights Zombie Fangirl Hikari.

In Derwin 13,000 (episode), both Derwin 13 and Derwin 13,000 use Kibunki. Kibunki is also mentioned in the synopsis.

In Mitsuki 13, Derwin 13,000 uses Kibunki to fight and Mitsuki uses her Moonflower form, called Kibunzuki to show off.



Kibun is the Japanese world for mood and ki means tree.


  • Due to Derwin being magic, their Omnitrix has little trouble taking part-magic alien DNA.
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