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The Khoruans are a race of cryokinetic, polar bear-like people who come from the snow-covered winter planet of Khoru. They are very well known for their creation of very famous structures made entirely of a very durable form of ice they've dubbed Ardor Ice. They have been around for a great deal of time and are the elemental enemies of the Pyronites; ergo, the two species are constantly at war on barren planets between each other. Neither species can endure life on the other's home world, though, which is why the wars take place on other planets. They draw their power from their planet's moon, the White Ardor, and while they are capable of existing without drawing the energy, being at full power could have easily overpowered Vilgax (original series version). They also look up to the Ardorworm (a mythical worm-like creature who lives on their moon) as a God or King.

Notable Khoruans[]

  • Cedice, a legendary Khoruan who was the first to go to their planet's moon (the White Ardor)
  • Brisk
  • Iceburrgh, the Hidden Universe/Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Khoruan

Evolved Khoruans[]

  • Neutral Khoruan Warriors, a team of Khoruans who adapted to the heated conditions of Chromium Galaxy planet Col; currently residing on Col.
    • Known Members of N.K.W.: Noah (Swordsman Warrior), Stan (Enchanting Warrior), Barmichael (Master of Disguise/Disguise Warrior), and Lila (Heavy Arms Warrior).


  • Khoruan (and their homeworld Khoru) plays on "karhu," a Finnish word for "bear." Finnish was used as Finland is a cold place, and Khoruans are a very cold people.