The KeyTrix


Alien Technology


Transforms the user into alien forms

The KeyTrix is a device in the series "The Hero Generation" that allows Joe to transform into 10 extra terrestrial species.


The KeyTrix is a small green-colored key, with two buttons to activate the holographic playlist, and one button to scroll through the active playlist.


The KeyTrix is capable of transforming its user into different species of aliens that are stored in its digital memory files. When it transforms the user into an alien, a grey hexagonal dial with an hourglass symbol on it will appear somewhere on the alien's body, most commonly on the alien's chest.


The KeyTrix

The KeyTrix can only be used by the first person who uses it; if someone else tries to use it, it will not work. This is because the KeyTrix's default systems replicate the original user's DNA and only transform the user if the DNA is a match. However, this function can be resetted with the proper technology.


The Metaware

KeyTrix MetaWare

The KeyTrix attached to the Metaware

The KeyTrix is adaptable to The Metaware, an upgrading system that improves the selected alien's DNA. This feature is only compatible with aliens that have robotic body parts. To activate the Metaware, the user would push in the larger side buttons like they would regularly do with the KeyTrix.

The Metadrive

MetaCapsule KeyTrix

The KeyTrix combined with the Metadrive

The Metadrive acts like a flashdrive, giving the KeyTrix even more memory, and therefore, more alien DNA samples. The KeyTrix can still be used regularly in this mode.

The KeyTrix ll

KeyTrix ll

The KeyTrix ll

The KeyTrix ll is the genetically enhanced KeyTrix, upgraded by both the Metaware and the Metadrive. When completed, The KeyTrix ll can be used regularly but with its added functions, or it can be upgraded to its final stage of completion- a completed Omnitrix.

The Omnitrix Mach 5


The Omnitrix Mach 5

The Omnitrix Mach 5 is the final form of the KeyTrix. Once it is upgraded to its Omnitrix Mach 5 form, it cannot be reverted back to its original form. The Omnitrix Mach 5 has all of the KeyTrix ll's abilities. On the dial, it shows silhouettes of aliens instead of their holograms, like the KeyTrix and KeyTrix ll had done before. Also unlike the KeyTrix, the Omnitrix Mach 5 can be worn on the user's wrist, becoming attached.

The Hero Generation

In The Hero Generation's series continuity, Joe stole the Metaware from Professor Krantz and used it to upgrade BioHazard in the episode Interstellar Inquiry.

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