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Kevin Levin was a villain and later became one of the deuteragonists of the Ben 10 Franchise. In Young Plumbers, he is a part-time Magister with the Plumbers and is a member of Ben's team.

Kevin Levin
Home Planet: Earth
Species: ½ Human
½ Osmosian
Age: 17
Powers: Absorbing energy
Part in Team: Ben's team
Friends: Lotin (formerly)
Ben Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Enemies: Lotin (currently)
First Appearance: Pilot, Part 1
Based Off Of: None


In Season 1, Kevin has his Ultimate Alien look. For the most part this remains the same in Season 2 and 3, but he grows out his hair longer like he does in Omniverse.


  • Absorbing energy


Early history

At one point, Kevin was a villain, and because of this spent some time in the Null Void. After several altercations with Ben, he eventually reformed and joined his side.

February 2012

On the 25th, Kevin went to Incarcecon with Ben and Gwen to stop the prisoners from escaping. They were successful in doing so, but Blitz got away. After wrapping things up, Kevin left with Ben and Gwen.

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