"You tried, everybody tried, but here I am a monster. And if I look the part, why shouldn't I act it?"

-Kevin Levin

Kevin Levin is an 19 year old gang leader in New York City. He hates Ben Tennyson for imprisoning him in the Null Void. His powers allow him to make a suit of armor out of whatever he touches.


Kevin wears a black t-shirt with blue suspenders and black wristbands. He has blue jeans and brown shoes. His hair is black and shoulder length, brown eyes, and caucasian skin with an "X" scar on his chin given to him in a fight with Ben.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Absorption: He can absorb energy.
  • Matter Absorption: He can make a suit of armor out of whatever material he absorbs.
  • DNA Absorption: He can absorb the DNA of a species and become similar to them. He can also absorb multiple at a time. The most he has absorbed at once was 10.
  • Matter Manipulation: When in his "suit of armor" he can shape the material he has on him.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat: He is a remarkable fighter.
  • Expert Mechanic: He works on many alien devices and/or vehicles for the intergalactic black market.
  • Advanced Alien Tech Knowledge: He knows much about technology of alien origin due to buying and selling much of it on the intergalactic black market.


  • Over Absorption: If he absorbs too much energy or DNA he will start to go insane.
  • Human State: While in his normal state he has natural human weaknesses.


  • Car: His car is the fastest muscle car in America. It is nearly impossible to destroy by any of Ben Tennyson's alien forms Kevin knows about.
  • Taydenite: Kevin always carries around a piece of Taydenite he got from Vulkanus in his right suspender pouch.


October 2003

Kevin is kicked out of his house by his mom and step-dad.

June 20, 2006

He met a 10 year old Ben and Gwen at the Total Zone Arcade. They hung out and eventually went back to his place. Ben revealed that he had alien super powers by turning into Heatblast. Gwen went back to the RV to tell Grandpa that Kevin and Heatblast went to stop a train robbery. When they got there Kevin said they were going to make the trains drive into each other and steal all the money. Heatblast says that they can't do that because innocent people would die. Kevin said he thought Ben was joking about being a hero, thinking nobody would use their superior powers for good and get nothing in return. Kevin ended up absorbing the Pyronite DNA and gaining Heatblast powers. They fought and Ben timed out after stopping the trains from colliding. With his new fiery powers, Kevin goes to scare a few teens that picked on him. Ben, as Four Arms, gets there to stop him in time. Kevin's Pyronite powers fade away and he absorbs Tetramand DNA to get Four Arms powers. They fight and Four Arms wins. Kevin's Tetramand powers fade away and Ben offers to help Kevin by providing him with food and a motor-home to sleep in. After a moment Kevin agrees. Ben, Gwen, Max, and Kevin are now living in the Rust Bucket.

Kevin forms a small romance with Gwen.

August 2006

Later that same summer Vilgax returns to take the Omnitrix from Ben. At this time Kevin and Ben were messing with the Omnitrix and accidentally access Master Control. Ben is constantly in alien form and fights Vilgax alone because he thinks he's unstoppable. Max opens a portal to the Null Void to send Vilgax there. Vilgax grabbed Ben and Kevin before going in the portal. Vilgax removes the Omnitrix from Ben. A surge of energy hits Kevin which mutates him into all of the accessed aliens. Kevin's mind is clouded with rage and fights Vilgax in the Null Void. During the confusion Ben escapes with the Omnitrix. With the portal only being able to be open for a few more seconds Ben leaves Kevin in the Null Void. Ben concedes this his greatest failure.

February 2007

Kevin is put into the Null Voids Incarcecon and meets Kwarrel. Kwarrel tells Kevin if he needs help come to him.

April 2007

Kevin accepts Kwarrel's help and returns to his Human form. They escape Incarcecon, but Kwarrel was killed in the process.

September 2007

Kevin meets Argit in the Null Void.

January 2008

Kevin and Argit escape the Null Void.

June 2009

Kevin and Looma get engaged in exchange for car parts.

August 2009

Kevin returns to Earth with Argit and they start up a garage.

October 14, 2010

Kevin's Gang sets up a weapons deal with the Forever Knights and the DNAliens. Their trade gets interrupted by Magister Prior Gilhil, Ben, and Gwen. His gang slips away from the battle but Kevin stays for his revenge and fights Swampfire. Kevin loses and then wakes up in cuffs that dampen his powers. He tells them where he thinks the Forever Knights are because he wants his money back. The Magister frees him and he escapes but they got their information.

April 18, 2012

P'andor runs into Kevin and his gang and tells him to open up his suit for a reward. Kevin agrees but then regrets it as P'andor goes rouge and doesn't pay him. The Tennyson's see P'andor causing destruction and team up with Kevin and his gang to stop P'andor from radiating the city.

Ben tells Kevin about an Osmosian named Aggregor. Kevin is concerned because he knows how powerful Osmosians are and says if he needs his help taking down Aggregor he will help out.

April 23, 2012

Argit finds Andreas and uses him to terrorize the Forever Knights for money.

April 25, 2012

Kevin finds out what Argit is doing and tells the Tennyson's because he knows they're looking for a Talpaedan named Andreas.

Kevin and the Tennyson's save Andreas from being executed by the Forever Knights.

The Forever Knights set a bomb to destroy everything within a five miles radius of a populated area. Andreas sacrifices himself. Kevin says he's done working with Argit because he betrayed Andreas and Kevin doesn't trust him anymore.

April 29, 2012

Ra'ad finds out the way Aggregor has been tracking down the other Andromeda aliens is by using the GPS of the Omnitrix. Ra'ad finds Ben to deactivate the Omnitrix. He and Ben fight, Ra'ad loses. Ben's team, along with Kevin put Ra'ad in a containment pod in Los Soledad and interrogate him. He tells them about Aggergor's tracking system. Ben trusts him and let's him out but Ra'ad betrays them. The Omnitrix tries to collect his DNA but Ra'ad doesn't let it by fusing with it. The team doesn't know where Ra'ad is and then Aggregor breaks into the building to capture him. He starts attacking and Ben only has one transformation the Omnitrix is allowing him to turn into, an Amperi. Ben turns into AmpFibian and fights Aggregor. They're losing so Gwen teleports them to Kevin's hideout. Ben finds out Ra'ad has fused with him. Kevin brings out a machine to get them separated and it works but now Aggregor knows where they are. They all fight to protect Ra'ad but he leaves. Kevin calls him a coward saying that Ben is risking his life for Ra'ad and he's just running away. Ra'ad decides to help Ben and gets captured by Aggregor. When leaving Aggregor blows up Kevin's hideout.

May 1, 2012

Ben's Team, along with Kevin's Gang, find out that Aggregor is in Los Soledad. They know that he will become godlike if they don't stop his plan.

The five Andromeda aliens get absorbed by Aggregor making Ultimate Aggregor.

June 2012

Looma returns to marry Kevin. Kevin goes to Ben for help because if Kevin doesn't marry her Gar Red Wing will destroy Earth. Ben fights for Kevin. He uses many aliens before winning as Four Arms. In return Looma is to be married to Ben in three years. Kevin knew this and secretly feels a bit sorry for Ben.

Kevin's Mutations

Age: 11

  • Tetramand
  • Pyronite

Age: 19

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Taydenite


  • Gwen doesn't believe that Kevin truly hates Ben.
  • Kevin is afraid of alligators.
  • He watched Captain Planet and The X-Files when he was younger.
  • Kevin was the first non-family member that Ben shared his secret with.


Kevin: I'm the one who gets turned into a monster! I'm the one nobody ever trusts or cares about!

Gwen: That's not true!

Kevin: Face it Gwen, whatever I look like I'm a freak.

Ben: You're a jerk. You've always been a jerk. People try to be nice to you but you can't ever see it. You're to busy feeling sorry for yourself.

Kevin: Earth technology is so primitive, I’m embarrassed to tell my friends I'm from here.
Kevin: Forget it, Gwen. Radiation level's in the red. Get out now!

Gwen: I can do this.

Kevin: I know you can, but you're not protected like me and Ben. Now go.

Andreas: (hugging Kevin) You're nice. Andreas sorry for shaking you.

Kevin: (struggling to breathe) Oh... All right, buddy.

Argit: (after the Forever Knights mansion is destroyed by Andreas) Oh no. I've lost everything! Do you know how much money I had in there?!

Kevin: (punches Argit in the face) He trusted you! He loved you! And what did you do? You USED him! You used his feelings for you and... now he's gone.

Argit: (rubbing his jaw) Sometimes, I don't get you Kevin.

Gwen: No you wouldn't.

Aggregor: Your out of your depth hatching.

Kevin: You don't scare me. I'm an Osmosian just like you.

Aggregor: No, nothing like me.

Kevin: (to Ra'ad) The one guy who tried to help you is dying in there, but that's okay with you, isn't it? I don't need to read minds to know what you think. I'm just like you. So, go. Run! Steal whatever time it buys you, coward!
Kevin: What?

Gwen: Why are you helping us?

Kevin: That's bad?

Gwen: If you hate Ben so much.

Kevin: Aggregor's an Osmosian, like me. If he ends up conquering the universe... i'll feel responsible.

Professor Paradox: In any case, I have other business demanding my attention, even more crucial. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Kevin: You ripped that from those movies.

Professor Paradox: I'm a time traveler. How do you know I won't eventually say it first?

Goop: Okay, we're going in. I want everyone to look sharp and remember are first priority- (Kevin laughs) What?!

Kevin: It's hard to take you serious with that voice.

Kevin: You can't do that! You know what it'll do to you!

Aggregor: What, because I'm an Osmosian, because absorbing energy causes insanity?

Kevin: Yes! Stop before it's too late!

Aggregor: Lies! Told by the powerful to control the weak.

Gwen: Kevin, is that why you-?

Kevin: It's not a lie! It happened to me when I was a kid. You won't be able to help yourself.

Echo Echo: I've got about five minutes until I change back.

Kevin: Then let's run through here like maniacs.

Echo Echo: Now you're talking sense.

Gwen: Nothing scares me more than when you two agree.

Kevin: Aggregor got the Map. We lost.

Ben: We didn't lose, we live to fight another day, and Aggregor had better watch his step, cause that day is coming soon.

Kevin: (watches Goop get trampled by fans) Now that's just embarrassing. You got a mop or something?

Gwen: Or something. (mystically grabs Goop's anti-gravity projector) Heads up, Kevin. Goop can't move without his anti-gravity projector.

Kevin: (as Ben draws some runes) You remember all that from just looking at it?

Ben: Yeah.

Gwen: You really aren't working up to you're potential in school.

Ben: That's what they tell me.

Kevin: What're those things?

Charmcaster: Scrutins, they're Addwaita's eyes and ears.

Kevin: Where are the ears?

Kevin: (after crashing) Any landing you can walk away from, am I right?

(Ben vomits)

Gwen: Maybe you should set the bar a little higher.

Ben: Maybe we should split up, cover more ground.

Kevin: (sarcastically) Great idea. That way Aggregor can pick us off one at a time.

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