Kevin Ethan Levin


1/2 Osmosian
1/2 Human






The Scrapyard Crew
The Omnitrix


Matter Absorption (dormant)
Energy Absorption (dormant)




Kevin: The Next Hero

Kevin Ethan Levin is a criminal, gang member, and current wielder of the Omnitrix. He is the main character in Kevin: The Next Hero.


Kevin began life as a simple boy, blissfully unaware of his Osmosian heritage, or his father's business. His father was a famous galactic criminal, and his family was forced to move throughout the galaxy. Kevin never had any idea why. At the age of ten, he learned that his father had been shot by an angry mob boss, and he learned of his father's dangerous, action-filled, illegal past. While his mother was going home to Earth to remarry, Kevin and his friend Argit ran away from home and snuck away to the planet Vulpin. From there, they caught a flight to Kinet, where they stowed away aboard a train to a Plumber Base. They stole from the base and made off to Khoros. Their adventures continued from there.

A few years later, after a small theft got out of hand on Flors Verdance, the Plumbers were after Kevin and Argit. The two friends escaped to Earth, and arrived in a town called Rainville. Weeks later they became acquainted with a runaway evil genius from Encephalonus IV. His name was Dr. Psychobos. With his help, Kevin started up the Scrapyard Crew and resumed theft and other small crimes. Over the course of a year, the crimes slowly grew in intensity as the gang grew in size, but the Plumbers were either unaware or disinterested. Eventually, the local Rainville authorities caught up with Kevin and almost apprehended him. Luckily, the Omnitrix landed on Earth in front of him at exactly that time, and with it he escaped. From there, his crimes escalated in severity and in success.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin is an Osmosian, meaning he is capable of absorbing energy and matter. However, in the KTNH timeline, his powers are dormant, and thus he has never used them.

His greatest asset would be the Omnitrix. The device was stolen from Ambassador Xylene by Psyphon, and Psyphon rocketed the device down to his coordinates on Earth. Kevin safely procured the Omnitrix and is continuing to learn more and more about its wide variety of functions.

Kevin also possesses a sly mind, strength, and agility, which have always been great abilities before he received the Omnitrix, and remain great abilities afterward.


Kevin has appeared in every episode of Kevin: The Next Hero to date.

For a full list of appearances, see the list of Kevin: The Next Hero episodes.


  • This is the first series in which Kevin receives more screen-time than Ben.
  • This is also the first series in which Kevin appears in episodes that Ben does not.
  • This is also the first series in which teenage Kevin and teenage Ben are adversaries.
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