Kevin Levin is a character in IRR. He is a Plumber and very good friends with Ben.


Kevin wears a black shirt with sleeves and a collar that are roughly cut. The sleeves on his long sleeved grey shirt are slightly torn and he wears blue wholesters. His hair is long and straight. His pants have a small tear below the left knee. He also wears a padlock necklace similar to the one he wore when he was 11 but marked with an "11". He also sports black discolored marks around his eyes, making him appear tired; these marks bear similarity to when he was 11 and still absorbing energy. Kevin has chin whiskers and his grey shirt has stripes.

History and Personality

Kevin Levin is born to an unknown father and Mrs. Levin. Sometime after his father's death, Harvey Hackett came into their lives. Harvey married Mrs. Lein. Kevin wasn't fond of Harvey, especially since he saw him as a replacement for his real father. Harvey tried to be a good father to Kevin, accepting and raising Kevin as his own, but feared Kevin because of his powers, which worsened their relationship. When Kevin was 11, Kevin managed to absorb energy and demolished their house. This, with the mental instability from absorbing the energy and his dislike of Harvey, made him think it was Harvey's fault he got kicked out. He then ran away to New York.

Soon after, Servantis and the Rooters found him on the street. They used his powers to mutate the Amalgam Kids and sent him back on the streets with false memories. He then found Ben and joined his forces to take down Albedo. He is a criminally insane psychopath who would do anything to take down his enemies.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Absorption
  • Life Absorption
  • Matter Absorption
  • DNA Absorption
  • Power and Ability Absorption
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Limited Mnemokinesis
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Transformation
  • Expert Mechanic and Engineer
  • Keen Investigative Skills
  • Advanced Alien Tech Knowledge
  • Technology Manipulation
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