Kevin Ethan Levin
General Information
Species 1/25 Aerophibian
1/25 Necrofriggian
1/25 Pisciss Volan
1/25 Biosovortian
1/25 Gourmand
1/25 Sonorosian
1/25 Merlinisapien
1/25 To'kustar
1/25 Opticoid
1/25 Thep Khufan
1/25 Cerebrocrustacean
1/25 Crystalsapien
1/25 Nanochip
1/25 Appoplexian
1/25 Amperi
1/25 Talepaedan
1/25 Polymorph
1/25 Geochelone Aerio
1/25 Segmentasapien
1/25 Polar Manzardill
1/25 Toepick's Species
1/25 Kickin Hawk's Species
1/25 Gutrot's Species
1/25 Human
1/25 Erodinian (formerly)

1/2 Human
1/2 Erodinian

Home World Earth
Residence Primus (formerly)
Age 17
Affiliations Queen Anodyne (formerly)
Ben Tennyson (Timeline 42)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities All of the species powers (as Entropy)
Sand Manipulation (as Kevin)
Alias Entropy

Kevin Levin (also known as Entropy) is a former villain in Ben 10: Edge of Time.



Kevin has two sets of wings, one of Jetray’s, one of Big Chill. He has Ripjaws’ head, with Lodestar’s colors, Upchuck’s tongues, Echo Echo’s headphones and ChamAlien’s eyes. His torso is Way Big, covered with Eye Guy’s eyes. He has two sets of arms. The upper right arm is made of Snare-Oh’s bandages in the shape of Brainstorm’s arm. Chromastone’s crystals are protruding from it. His lower right arm is Nanomech’s with Rath’s luchador patterns on it. His upper left arm is AmpFibian’s in the shape of Armodrillo’s. His lower left arm is Goop’s and in the shape of Terraspin’s. He has a Bloxx-Lobber which has Articgauna’s spines on it. His legs start as Toepick’s but end in Kickin Hawk’s talons. Gutrot’s nozzles are dotted all over it.


He looks like Kevin Levin in UAF, but has yellow skin.


WARNING: The following text contains some MAJOR SPOILERS about what is being discussed. Click to show the spoilers at your own risk. Thank you.

| After experiencing Ben's death and getting trapped at the bottom of the Codon Stream he has a hardened nature, choosing to consider his past life as a different one. After Ben cures him, he becomes less serious.

Powers and Abilities

His powers include all of the species that make him up.



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