Kevin Levin
General Information
Species Human/Osmosian Hybrid
Age 21
Alias Razr
Razr Levin is the Dimension 7 counterpart of Kevin Levin.


Razr looks exactly like Kevin Levin from the main continuity.


In this dimension, Azmuth tried to send the omnitrix to Devin Levin, who was not killed by Ragnarok. So Kevin, as an Eleven year old boy, found the Omnitrix and became a super hero. Later, in the AF era of this dimension, Ragnarok comes out of the Null Void and kills Devin. Kevin uses the Omnitrix to kill Ragnarok. Azmuth took his Omnitrix at the end of that. A year later, after Kevin prooves himself worthy, Azmuth gives Kevin the Omnitrix III, aka The Alpha Omnitrix or Alphamatrix. After the death of his father, Kevin goes by Razr.

Powers and Abilities

Razr has all the powers of Osmosians, in addition to the Alpha Omnitrix, a Dimension 7 counterpart of the Omnitrix MIII. Razr's Omnitrix is almost always covered by his sleeve, unless he's using it.


Ben 10: Dimensional Warriors

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