Kevin 11
Ben 10 - Restart Kevin 11.png
General Information
Species Human (Mutant)
Home World Earth
Residence Null Void
Age 19
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy and matter absorption/manipulation
Relatives Evelyn Levin (Mother)

Neville Levin (Father)

Aliases Kevin 11
First Appearance Null and Void (Part One)

Kevin Levin is a villain in Ben 10: Restart. He is Mutant Human with the power to absorb and then manipulate matter and energy.


Kevin is tall, and somewhat muscular, with long dark brown hair, and jet black eyes. He has x-shaped scars on his chin, and otherwise greying skin.

He wears an Incarcecon prison uniform which is a sleeveless, form-fitting black jumpsuit, with dark grey panels on the shoulders and sides. He also has a pair of black fingerless gloves. Additionally he wears a belt with blue spikes on it, that he found while exploring the Null Void.


Due to his rough childhood and the rejection he faced by those he loved because of his 'freak' abilities, Kevin has become bitter towards people in general, and only concerned with himself. This was only made worse by being trapped in the Null Void for 8 years.

The act of absorbing energy causes disruptions in his brain, making him unstable. The more energy he absorbs/manipulates at any given time, the more erratic he becomes.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin has the power to absorb energy, and then expel it out of his body however he pleases. He can also absorb matter, and temporarily change his body into whatever it was he absorbed.


Ben 10: Restart



Ben 10: Restart


  • This Kevin isn't going to have the same redemption he got in Alien Force. After 8 years in the Null Void, he's too far gone.
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