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Kevin Levin
Kevin frogs of war pt 2.png
General Information
Species Human
Age 18
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Timeline Prime Timeline
Affiliations Plumbers
Rooters (formerly)
Occupations Hero
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Matter Absorption
Energy Absorption
Weapon Manifestation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Expert Mechanic and Engineer
Advanced Alien Tech Knowledge
Equipment Car
Plumber Badge
Rust Bucket 3
Alias Kevin 11 (formerly)
Friends Max Tennyson
Ben Tennyson
Rook Blonko
Romantic Partners Gwen Tennyson (girlfriend)
First Appearance Ben 10: Reboot Revolution
Chapter 1

Kevin E. Levin is a hero in Earth-1010. He first appeared in Ben 10: Reboot Revolution Chapter 1. He is a Human with an Osmosian mutation from the planet Earth.


Kevin is a tall white human with long black hair and a stocky build. He has an X-shaped scar on his chin.


Powers and Abilities

Kevin is an Osmosian, meaning that he is a human born with some abnromal power received via genetic mutation. In Kevin's case he has the ability to absorb and expell energy, as well asborb materials and use them to alter himself. Absorbing a material allows him to take on the properties of said material, and also allowed him to shapeshift his limbs into different implements.


Absorbing energy can corrupt his mind and dims his ability to think straight.


Kevin was treated as a freak for most of his childhood. He did not learn until his teenage years that he could absorb materials, and as a result spent most of his childhood with the mental instability caused by his ability to absorb energy.

When he first met Ben at eleven years old, he tried to use Ben to his own gain before absorbing the power of the Omnitrix and mutating himself. He spent most of the next five years in the Null Void. During this time, he was recruited by the Rooters because of his unique powers. He was used to transfer alien abilities to other Rooters, including many young recruits that later became known as the Plumber's Kids.

When Kevin was 16 he met Ben and Gwen again, this time befriending them and helping them fend off the Highbreed invasion. He later began a romantic relationship with Gwen.

Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Kevin first appeared in Chapter 1 when he appeared with others to help celebrate Ben's victory over Apollo. In Chapter 2 he left to help Rook Blonko greet Azmuth. However, in his absence a Lenopan Degradation appeared disguisd as him. In Chapter 3 he helped Ben Delta with the injured Grandpa Max.

Ben 10: Road Trip

In Burning Bridges, Kevin gifted Ben the Stardust that he and Rook had been working on. He helped Ben fight the Blacksmith but stayed to help Gwen when Grimstone accidentally drained her power. He returned in Life On Mars to help fight Brave New World in New York City.

In Life On Earth, he helped Kai investigate a string of suspicious deaths in Undertown before being attacked by Hivemind. When Albedo, disguised as Ben, arrived and defeated the alien, Kevin identified it as being fused with Techadon technology. When Kai and "Ben" left to find the source of the Techadon Degradation, Kevin gave Kai a Plumbers Badge in case she needed to call for help. Kevin later showed up when Kai used the badge and helped arrest Albedo, but after hearing Albedo's plea he had a change of heart and released him from Plumber custody.


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben 10: Road Trip


  • Kevin, along with Gwen, were originally planned to appear in Death of Ben 10. They would have aided the Plumbers in defending the Earth from Apollo's war fleet using the Rust Bucket 3 in Act 2, however they were left out when Act 2 was restructured.
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