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Kevin Levin


1/2 Human 1/2 Osmosian

Home planet



Absorbing materials, morphing his hands

Absorbing energy and controlling it

Featured In

Ben 10,000 Rises

Kevin Levin is a half human half Osmosian teenager from Earth in Ben 10,000 Rises. He fights crime with his best friend Ben and his wife Gwen.


Kevin looks alot like he did in Ben 10,000 and Ken 10, but younger.


Kevin still has the same powers like he always had, absorbing materials and morphing his hands into multiple objects. However, Kevin now has the ability to handle energy, so he can now absorb things like electricity. However, he still can't handle DNA.

Ben 10,000 Rises[]

In Ben 10,000 Rises, Kevin is now married to Gwen, but still isn't ready to settle down. The married life is nothing for him, and he rather wants to fight crime instead of taking care of kids. Gwen, however, has had enough of the crime fighting life, and wants kids with Kevin. Kevin still rides his gold old car, but over time his car has started getting old and rusty. The paint has gotten darker, and is missing paint completely on some places. Although Ben and Gwen are annoyed by Kevin's behavior, Kevin simply doesn't want to get rid of his good old car.


  • It is unknown if Kevin will be mutated in this series.