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Kevin Ethan Levin, formerly known as Kevin 11, is the morally gray villainous turned heroic boyfriend of Gwen Tennyson, who appears in Alien Universe.


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Powers and Equipment[]

Like all Osmosians, Kevin has the ability to absorb any material and coat the contacting part, or all, of his body in said material. Given enough material, he is then able to morph the coated parts of his body - except for his head - into anything he can imagine. He has used this for giant scissors, weapons, and shields. More recently, he has adopted wings for flight, though the material he absorbs is critical to this because certain ones are too heavy to allow it to be done or too light to carry his whole body.

Absorbing too much of a material, or absorbing too frequently, can lead to the mind being warped or going insane.

Absorbing living beings allows him to transform into that being or use their abilities on a localized part of his body.

Absorbing specifically energy from the Omnitrix conflicts with his abilities and often leads to him turning into a hybrid of a multitude of aliens.


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Ben 10: Alien Universe[]

Back in Action: Alien Universe[]

  • In Infernosphere, Kevin aids Ben and Gwen with fighting Sii in Bellwood.
  • In Limited, he is present at Gwen's surprise 17th birthday party.
  • In Leaked, after angering Gwen, he asks Argit to take a peak into the future using a salvaged Chronosapien Gauntlet, accidentally bringing Kevin 11,000 into the timeline who leads this Kevin astray in a plot to free him from his shackles.
  • In Can't Trust the Weather, Man, his and Gwen's drive in her father's car spins out into learning about a sudden hail storm in Bellwood started by Vance Vetteroy. They come together with Ben and others to prevent full-scale planetary devastation from the Transtella's powers.
  • In Plight of Pinocchio, while repairing his and Frank Tennyson's cars in his garage in Bellwood from the events of the previous episode, he is attacked by Charmcaster and later incapacitated.
  • In Foreverlasting's Endgame, he drinks with Aion at The Space Bar.
  • In Maximum Slumber, he is tasked with infiltrating Null Void Incarcecon to gain intel on top suspects in the poisoning of Max Tennyson.
  • In Escalation, a visit to Max in the Rustbucket spins out into trying and failing to save the Plumbers, aliens, and magic from being banned from the planet.
  • In Malevolence, after recuperating from the events of the previous episode, he, Gwen, Mercedes, and Chelsey go to the Null Void Incarcecon to help Ben push back against Malevolence and Vilgax's escape effort, but fail.

Seventeen in College[]


Ben 10: Alien Universe[]

Back in Action: Alien Universe[]


Alternate Counterparts[]

  • Gwen 10: Alien Force Kevin
    • The Gwen 10: Alien Force Kevin being notable, because he has hated Gwen since they were 10 and she got the Omnitrix. Kevin in that timeline would never go on to date Gwen, but instead, Charmcaster.
  • Ben 10: Alien Queen Kevin


  • His birthday is in the fall.
  • His favorite snack is Cheese Wedges.
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