Kevin.E.Levin (ROG)
General Information
Species 1/13 Human

1/13 Osmosian

1/13 Tetramand

1/13 Vulpimancer

1/13 Pyronite

1/13 Ectonurite

1/13 Galvanic Mechamorph

1/13 Kinecelaran

1/13 Lepidopterran

1/13 Petrosapien

1/13 Piscciss Volann

1/13 Galvan

Home World Earth-1213
Residence Unknown
Age 11
Affiliations G-Resistance,Ben's Team (E-1213)
Occupations Resistance Fighter, Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mutant Transformation

Material and Energy Absorption (formerly)

Equipment None
Aliases Kev (Everyone)

Levin (Ben 23) Kel (Gwen) Ultimate Kevin (Everyone) Osmosian (Kraab)

First Appearance Ben 10: Revenge of Ghostfreak

Kevin Levin is a hero in Ben 10: Revenge Of Ghostfreak. He first appeared in Ben 10: Revenge Of Ghostfreak. He is a Osmosian from the planet Earth-1213.


Kevin appears as a Omnitrix Alien Hybrid sometimes, and as he did in the Original Series.


Parallels that of the main Kevin, but he does not hate Ben or any heroes.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin is able to shift between his mutated form and his normal form.


He is driven crazy if Anti-Omni-Energy is absorbed and unless he is in his mutated form, he can be controlled by Ghostfreak.


Kevin's life was the same until the end of Back With A Vengance. First, Vilgax and Kevin escaped with Ben at the last second. But then the Omnitrix re-attached itself to Ben's wrist and transformed Ben into Diamondhead. Ben and Kevin started to fight, but then the Omnitrix de-transformed Ben and Kevin, then Vilgax disappeared and Kevin was sent to the Mount Rushmore base's prison. But later when Ben got zapped into the Sumo Slammers game, Everything went crazy. First, Vilgax returned with Ghostfreak and an army of Minions, and they took over the Plumbers and America, and eventually, the world, turning everyone into Ghostfreak Minions. Then Kevin got the news that Ghostfreak had backstabbed all of his allies, including Vilgax, Sevenseven and Dr. Animo, and turning them into Ghostfreak Minions, and was about to do the same to Kevin, but then Sixsix and Kraab ambushed them and freed Kevin. Kraab told Kevin what they had to do to save the world, and for once, Kevin needed Ben's Help.


Family: None Alive

Friends: Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Maxwell Tennyson

Love Interests: Gwen Tennyson and Dimension 23 Gwen Tennyson


  • Ben 10: Revenge of Ghostfreak


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