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Ketu is an alternate counterpart of Azmuth from Dimension 9 who created the 9th Omnitrix.


Ketu has the same appearance as Azmuth from the Main Timeline, but he created an Interdimensional Traveller to bring his Omnitrix to the Main Timeline to which Evfnye belongs. From Evfnye's point of view, Ketu is transparent.


Ketu created the Omnitrix N°9, but he locked the Ectonurite DNA after knowing from Azmuth in the Main Timeline that "Ghostfreak" would separate his personality. To avoid this, he left one DNA pod empty, but this caused to absorb Spirit DNA.

In The Spirit Part 2: Shocked, he met Evfnye, and after recognizing his mistakes, fixed the Omnitrix.

Ketu also made an appearance in Just Like The Simulations, when he brought Evfnye to galactic training in the Cosmic Academy.



Ketu is an astrology and astronomy term.


  • Ketu was the one who inserted Nighteye into the Omnitrix.
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