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General Information
Home Planet Schwarzsi Anomaly
Body Humanoid Triceratops
Gender System Binary
Diet Omnivorous
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Durability
Present In Omnitrix

Kerotopsidians, also known as Kerotopsids, are Speedbump's species. They come from the Schwarzsi Anomaly in the Triangulum Galaxy.

They are a free use species.


Kerotopsidians are a race of humanoid reptiles visually similar to extinct herbivorous Earth megafauna, specifically species such as Triceratops. They have a naturally wide stature with tough, muscly builds. Their heads have large wide crests made of hard bone. They have horns on the centre of the head between their eyes. Usually they only have one, but ~2% of the population has a genetic defect resulting in either vertical or horizontal rows of two or more horns.

They have varying skin tones, all in warm shades. Most common colours include yellows, oranges, beiges, and light browns. Red is an exceptionally rare skin tone among Kerotopsids.


The Kerotopsids are an incredibly friendly and welcoming species, inviting anyone to visit their home "planet" freely. However, few survive taking them up on this offer due to the Anomaly's intense gravity.

Many races have attempted to take up this offer by building drones to visit the Anomaly on their behalf, however the Kerotopsids find this highly insulting.

They live in peace with the Galileans that have made their home in and near the station. They are more than welcome to stay and seem to have no interest in learning the inner workings of the Anomaly.


No one knows where the Kerotopsidians really came from. No one observed them as they built the Schwarzsi Sphere, and no one had known of them before its construction.


Sometime prior to Ben 10: Road Trip, a group of Kerotops visited Azmuth on Galvan Prime. They gifted him with a Kerotops Security Modules, which he then added to the Codon Stream- though he quickly forgot where he got it from.


The Kerotopsidians are renowned engineers and scientists, though this ability is learned and not genetic.

They are massively resilient creatures, able to survive in the crushing pressure of their home station where few else can. Their hide is also very very durable, impervious to most physical attacks.


Few Kerotopsids are trained to be able to explore the universe outside of the Schwarzsi Anomaly. They have to learn how to restrain their actions, which end up being greatly exaggerated due to years of living under intense gravity.


The Kerotopsidians are, in general, very skilled engineers.

Schwarzsi Anomaly

Perhaps the crowning achievement of their sciences, the Schwarzsi Anomaly is a fully functional dyson sphere built around the Object 3-BBBBBB Black Hole. It is capable of extracting energy from the black hole. It is unclear to outsiders how it achieves this or how it avoids the stellar debris that would be falling into the black hole, and it is the goal of many to uncover this secret.

The real answer as to how it functions is this: The dyson sphere operates by firing light into the ergosphere of the black hole, such that the singularity transfers some of its rotational energy into the light causing it to perpetually gain energy which is then siphoned back out by the space station.

Kerotops Modules

The Kerotopsids have built many types of sapient modules for help in maintaining the Schwarzsi Sphere. These modules have many varying powers and come in many shapes and sizes.

Types of modules include:

Known Kerotopsidians

  • Speedbump (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kerotopsidian)
  • Kerotopsid Ambassadors


Kerotopsid from rhinokerōs, Greek for rhinoceros, and Ceratopsidae- the biological family under which triceratops and similar species evolved.

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