Kenny Tennyson
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Tennyson residence
Age 10
Affiliations Tennyson Family


Occupations N/A
Powers and Abilities
Abilities All powers of the Omnitrix

Combat training

Equipment Omnitrix replica
Relatives Ultimate Ben 10,000 (father)

Julie Tennyson (mother) Gwen Tennyson (sister) Devlin Levin (cousin)

Aliases Ken 10
Voice Actor Cathy Cavadini

Kenny Tennyson is the son of Ultimate Ben 10,000 and his wife, Julie Tennyson. He hails from a timeline where his father had kept the Ultimatrix. Similar to his Prime counterpart, he too wields the Omnitrix 2.0. He is a Human from the planet Earth of an alternate timeline.


The primary difference between this Kenny and his Prime counterpart is his physical appearance. This is due to his mother being Julie Tennyson (nee' Yamato) in this timeline. Kenny bears a striking resemblance to his father when he was his age, though bearing of Japanese heritage and black hair akin to his mother.

His sense of clothing is similar to his father's in his youth. Wearing a black shirt with a white stripe, centered with a black square holding the white numeral of "10". Followed by blue jeans with a Plumber's badge resting on his belt buckle and bright green converse. On his left wrist is his Omnitrix replica, resembling that of the Omniverse design.


Kenny initially was much like his father was when he was his age. A bit cocky, wanting to get involved in the action, but at the same time, knows when to do the right thing. All too similar to his counterpart. But soon Ken was allowed to get involved in the battles, allowing him to realize the dangers of the "hero business". As results, he finds himself concerned on whether or not if he's ready for such a responsibility.

He seeks to protect the ones that he loves, especially after realizing the dangers of his work. This centers around the likes of his sister (Gwen), his cousin Devlin, etc. Such behavior even extends to the Omnitrix's AI, Trixie, treating "her" like family. Though he is immature at times and somewhat paranoid, he seeks to protect others.

At times, Kenny can be quite goofy as he toys around with Devlin or teases his sister, Gwen. It is heavily implied that this behavior is encouraged by what he sees of his father.

Unlike most, Kenny is actually fond of the alien form, Fasttrack. Upon receiving the Omnitrix replica, he traded out XLR8 for Fasttrack, stating that XLR8 was "his father's go-to" and wanted to make Fasttrack his own.

Powers and Abilities

Ken wields the Omnitrix 2.0, gifted to him by Azmuth on his 10th birthday. Same as his father, he's able to transform into a multitude of alien forms, equipped with their respective abilities. Starting out, he is only enabled one playlist of ten aliens currently (Fasttrack, Ditto, Stinkfly, Snakepit, Spitter, Wildvine, Buzzshock, Shell-head, Sandbox, and Grey Matter).

Thanks to his hacking via Grey Matter's intellect, his Omnitrix no longer is hindered by limited programming. Enabling him to keep on fighting in alien form, and aiding by the "online advisor" an advanced form of it's AI. Essentially guiding Kenny in his abilities and providing other functions, making it a more active and involved feature.

Not wanting to be dependent on the Omnitrix, Kenny strives to learn some actual combat skills of his own accord. Currently he combats with a bizarre form of fighting that consist of combat and erratic dance moves.


Kenny suffers from a sense of insecurity and paranoia, believing the dangers of his heroics to be a tad overwhelming and in such stress, he bends over backwards to shield others from it. Of course him stressing on the little details tends to either exhaust him or having his efforts to be misguided.

Although his Omnitrix has a quick change feature, he still retains the limited playlist of ten selected aliens to choose from. Because of such, Kenny's array of alien abilities can have possible limits. Just as versatile but not as vast as his father's.

Unlike his counterpart, Kenny doesn't exactly have extensive knowledge of his father's aliens nor his own. This is due to witnessing Ultimate Ben displaying their abilities, but not their physiques. Thus Kenny tends to need time to figure out how his aliens function before utilizing them for combat right away.

Ben and Julie are able to take the Omnitrix away from Kenny at any point, as punishment, merely requiring a voice command or having the AI recognize them.

Whenever caught having to fight in his human form, the evident being that human form is without empowerment. He is more vulnerable to injury outside of alien form, and only do so much with the outside training he has been receiving in terms of combat.


Kenneth Maxwell Tennyson was born of Ben 10,000 and Julie Tennyson (nee' Yamato). Growing up, he was well exposed to his father's heroics. From the career of Ben 10,000 to Ultimate Ben to even President of the Planet. In fact, Kenny was present when the third Vilgaxian invasion occurred during his father's presidency, although merely as a witnessing young child.

Kenny wanting to join his father as a hero, was ecstatic when "Uncle Azmuth" and "Cousin Eunice" gave him an Omnitrix on his 10th birthday. Though getting his kicks in, Ken was occasionally overwhelmed by the legacy of his father. Often fearing for the future, Kenny stresses on shielding those of the present; This causes his parents to be concerned.

Shortly during the week following his 10th birthday, Kenny had assisted Ben in fighting off the various foes, including a bank heist by Exo-Skull. Receiving both his licks as a hero and getting validation of his qualification as a hero, Kenny carried onward.

Wanting to prepare himself for the future, Kenny had once again hacked his Omnitrix (Grey Matter on the job!), removing the "training wheels" protocol on the software. Unlocking the Omnitrix's "online advisor", guiding him whenever Ben nor Azmuth aren't around. In attempt to humanize the AI, he named it "Trixie".

It has been stated that rather than bring him along, Ben 10,000 had Gwendolyn babysit Kenny and Gwen while he and his younger self fight Eon that day.



Ben Tennyson (father) - Fathered by the hero of heroes, Ken has quite the legacy to live up to. Though the two do having a loving relationship, there will be the occasional hiccup caused by their heroics and such. Ben is proud that Ken does strive to be his own man, and try to remind him that he doesn't even have to bother with the heroics.

Julie Tennyson (mother) - Olympic Tennis athlete, Julie is a very loving mother for her children. Though an Olympic athlete, she still finds time for her children, letting them know they're her most important priority. At first she wasn't welcoming of the heroics and Omnitrix when Kenny was the concern, but eventually allowed it. Her motherly concerned showed up fiercely as she responded to Albedo's attack on her son. Following such, she pretty much became the rock for Kenny to lean on when the heroics became too much for him

Gwen Tennyson (sister) - Akin with those before them, Ken and Gwen seem to bicker a lot. A sibling rivalry that held between a dweeb and a stick in the mud. He would often tease her constant studying and training, but respects the reasons behind why. A common ground is found between the two as partners on the field.

Gwendolyn Tennyson (cousin) - Though merely a first cousin (once removed), Ken can't help but call her "Aunt Gwendolyn". Similar to his mother, Gwendolyn often tries to recognize the fact that Ken is still a child and not the "next hero of the universe". She often tries to act as the fun aunt, when not scolding at them for Devlin's involvement in troublesome acts.

Devlin Levin (cousin) - Son of Kevin and Gwendolyn Levin, and the best friend that Ken could ask for. The two play often whenever they aren't consumed by the antics of their parents' careers, and even fight alongside each when they are in battle with evil. Together, the two often are a bundle of trouble, getting in mischievous shenanigans. Often by mistake, those outside the family have assumed them to be brothers, rather than cousins, because of their closeness.


Ship (pet) - A Galvanic Mechamorph symbiote, belonging to his mother, considered the family pet. Unlike most of it's kind, Ship is rather puppy-like than humanoid, right down to the personality. Ken is really fond of Ship, and Ship is really protective of him.

Trixie (ally) - Trixie is the AI of Kenny's Omnitrix, unlocked by Kenny's own hacking. Trixie is in contrast to that of Ben's Ultimatrix, not merely organizing and operating the Omnitrix's functions, rather Trixie is more vocal and having a more human personality. Kenny often treats her like a friend and individual.


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  • Kenny's entire name seems to be of family sentiments. His first name, named after Ben's cousin, Ken. His middle name, Maxwell, is named after Max Tennyson, his great-grandpa.
  • Contrast with his counterpart, Ken is rather limited by his own behavior than that of others.
  • Kenny has met the offspring of Big Chill and even being the one to give them names. He maintains frequent contact with one of them, Azero.
  • Kenny us afraid of the dentist, particularly the adoptive father of his friend, Billy. This because such uses his ectonurite abilities on teeth.
  • The Kenny of this timeline is of Asian descent, due to his mother being Julie.


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