Kenny Tennyson
Full body Kenny by CaT!
General Information
Species Human
Unitrix Species Kineceleran
Status Alive
Age 16
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Occupations Student
Abilities and Equipment
Alien Abilities Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Recovery
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Durability
Sharp Claws
Wall and Water Running
Prehensile Tail
Unitrix Type Standard
Equipment Unitrix
Alias Ken
XLR8 (Alien Nickname)
Kenny-celeran (Ann)
Relatives Ben Tennyson (father)
Kai Tennyson (mother)
Friends Ann Declanson
Alternate Counterparts Ken Tennyson
First Appearance The Unitrix Earth

Ken "Kenny" Tennyson is a hero in the Age of the Unitrix. He first appeared in The Unitrix Earth. He is a human from the planet Earth, and his unitrix species (self-nicknamed XLR8) is a kineceleran from the planet Kinet. Kenny Tennyson is the Earth-775775 equivalent of Ken Tennyson.

Kenny was March 2017's featured character!


He is described as a young boy with tanned skin. In The Unitrix Earth he wears a white shirt with a single black stripe leading from his collar to his waist, however is his official image he wear an olive coloured hoodie over it.


Kenny is somewhat introverted, as shown at Ann's party in The Unitrix Earth.

Kenny is shown to be eager to help Ann when she needs it.

Despite being a kineceleran, he is frequently late to places.

Powers and Abilities

Kenny's unitrix contains kineceleran DNA, and therefore allows him to become one at will, granting him the powers and weaknesses of that species.


It is not yet known if Kenny possesses any note-worthy talents or skills as a human.


As XLR8, Kenny has enhanced speed in almost every aspect. He is able to move, react, think, and even recover from injury faster than most other species. As a Kineceleran, Kenny has all the same powers as his species.



As a human, Kenny can be apathetic and passive. This can make it easier for people to pressure him.

Kenny also seems to be bad at keeping time, as he is often late.


Kineceleran often find it hard to control their speed on slippery or adhesive surfaces, like ice, tar, or glue for example.



Sometime during the January prior to the Age of the Unitrix Kenny received his Unitrix as a birthday present for turning 16.

Age of the Unitrix

In The Unitrix Earth, Kenny frequently tried to help Ann but was late both times. At the end of the episode, he set off to find her after she fled Bellwood. Later that night he saved Ann (as Frenzyplant) from a Time Monster, before they were sent back in time to prevent the Time Monsters from being created. Technically he saved Ann's life again whilst doing this.


Being one of the main characters, Kenny is expected to appear in most episodes of the Age of the Unitrix.


  • Kenny's Birthday takes place sometime in January.


Age of the Unitrix
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