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Ken Tennyson004

Ken Tennyson is a character in a possible future where Ben Tennyson married Eunice and he is their son.==


Ken as a kid wanted to be just like his dad so he joined the Plumbers training school along his sister Gwen when they were 13. Ken became a highly skilled Plumer at age 15 and fought alongside his dad catching villains. when his dad was captured by Vilgax, Azmuth gave Ken the tenth Omnitrix so he could rescue his dad and save the universe.


Ken is a resourceful person, all ways thinking things out before going into combat. he is also very high spirited, always has a joke or battle pun at the tip of his tongue. One the out side he is very full of himself but on the inside he knows he can never be like his dad. He doesn't think he should lead the team.


Ken is a highly trained Plumer and and wears the Omnitrix and has access to 70 aliens.

Friends and Family.[]

Ben Tennyson (Father)

Eunice Tennyson (Mother)

Gwen Tennyson (Twin Sister)

Devlin Levin (cousin)

Kevin Levin (Uncle)

Gwendolyn Tennyson Levin (Aunt)

Jeffry Hogan (Best Friend)

Megan Moonstone(Friend)

Aliens accessible.[]






















-Echo Echo








-Alien x
















-Jurry rigg



-Ball weevil


-Kicken hawk










-First Aid


-Eagle eye






-Jelli ton