Kenneth "Ken" Yamamoto Tennyson
Ken Yamamoto Tennyson

Ken Tennyson

General Information
Species 7/8 Human
1/8 Anodite
Age 14 (Ben 10: The Next Gen.)
Affiliations Ken's Team
DNA Force
Occupation(s) Hero
10th grade Student
Powers and abilities
Abilities Piloting

Max Tennyson (great-grandfather)

Ben 10,000 (father)

Julie Tennyson (mother)

Gwendolyn Tennyson (sister)

Gwen Levin (Aunt)

Kevin Levin(Uncle)

Devlin Levin(cousin)

Kenneth "Ken" Tennyson is the 14 year old son of Ben 10,000. He fights crime with his Omnitrix which his dad made for him when he was 10 he received a Omnitrix from his father.


When Ken was 10 he recieved his own Omnitrix that was made by his father using the omnitrix's smartest aliens. Ken then started fighting along side his dad in mission. Now Ken is 14 he had his Omnitrix stolen when he was on a solo mission. He makes his own Omnitrix (Protomatrix) from the collected data his father has stored on the Tennyson Tower mainframe. Ken is sister Gwendyln, and his cousin Devlin set out to find their parents and some other missing plumbers while facing strong foes along the way.


Ken is very much like his father was when he was 14 years old. Like Ben, Ken had access to only 10 alien forms in the beginning with his Omnitrix, but he later gained access to more.

Physical Appearance

He has short brown hair, green eyes, pale skin. He wears a green shirt, blue pants and a black jacket with the number 10 on it, and black and white shoes. Ken wears the Omnitrix and Protomatrix on his left wrist in a watch-like manner.

Powers and Abilities

Ben is the wielder of the Omnitrix (Prototype) (later the Prototrix), which gave him the power to modify his own genetic code in order to turn into various alien creatures, literally making him an alien shape-shifter.

  • Ken has a license to drive all plumber tech aircrafts.

Ken is the weilder of the omnitrix and later the Protomatrix.



  • Ken is named after his uncle.
  • Ken's favorite color is red.
  • Ken's Hoverboard is a TX600.
  • Ken's favorite aliens are XLR8, Big Chill, Frigid, Rath, Diamondstone (Fusion), Grey Matter
  • When Ken scans a new alien he automatically transforms into it due to a glitch with the Protomatrix.
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