The Kema'i are a species from the planet Energnag, and are Amoebola's species.


Kema'i are very short, single-celled, amoeba-like aliens. They come in a variety of different colors.


  • Kema'i aliens can shrink down to microscopic size, helping them infest other beings. This allows him to either infect his host with a disease or remove diseases from the host. When inside a host, the Kema'i gain the ability to duplicate themselves via mitosis.
  • Kema'i can regenerate and shapeshift. They also have elasticity.
  • Kema'i have enhanced strength and agility.


  • Kema'i are not useful against those who are immune to disease.
  • Kema'i only possess the power to duplicate themselves when inside a host.

Notable Kema'i

  • Amoebola (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kema'i)


  • The Kema'i only possessing their duplication powers when inside a host is similar to Kryptonians only obtaining their powers after prolonged exposure to Earth's sun. However, Kryptonians require prolonged exposure, and keep their powers for quite a while after no longer being exposed to it, while Kema'i immediately gain their self duplication powers when inside a host, and immediately lose them when not.
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