Kayden Deimos
General Information
Species Artificial Human (Formerly)
Vampire (Currently)
Home World Galvan MK2
Residence Boy's Dorms, Yokai Academy
Age 16 Biologically
200 Chronologically
Affiliations Yokai Academy
Newspaper Club
Occupations Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Primus Uplink
Enhanced Intellect
Vampiric Biology
Equipment Deimatrix
Relatives [Albedo] (Genetic Donor, Adoptive Brother)
[Ben Tennyson] (Adoptive Older Brother)
[Max Tennyson] (Adoptive Grandfather)
[Azmuth] (Creator, Surrogate Father)
Aliases Kiddo (Max)
Squirt (Ben)
Mini-Ben (Kevin)
Kay (Gwen)
KN-8264 (Various)
Scraps (Albedo)
Human (Various Monsters)
Alternate Counterparts Delta (Unitrix Beta, DA-9375)
Voice Actor Hayden Johnson (Writer)

Kayden Deimos is the main male protagonist in Unitrix+Vampire. He first appeared in Prologue 1: Accidents Happen. He is an Artificial Human from the planet Galvan MK2.


Kayden is around 5'11 in height with an athletic body type due to his months of training prior to being sent to Yokai Academy. He has shaggy dirty blonde hair that stops at the base of his neck and electric blue eyes that almost radiate with energy. He tends to wear the Yokai Academy school uniform with a vest instead of a full blazer, khaki pants, and a pair of comfortable dark blue sneakers. The Deimatrix is located on his left wrist.

In his Vampiric Form Kayden's eyes become a dark red very similar in color to blood with slitted pupils and hair as vibrant as platinum, much like the vampiress that changed him, Moka Akashiya. He tend to wear much less restrictive clothing in this state, frequently discarding his shirt to allow for more freedom of movement. He wears the Deimatrix on his left wrist while the device is in it's Shinso mode. This state is accessed through extreme danger, a dosage of Moka's vampiric blood, or selection in the Deimatrix's Yokai playlist.


Kayden tries to make peace with all who have conflict with him, show a pacifistic nature at heart but should the situation call for it he's prepared to fight. Mostly in the cases of his friends being attacked, an Innocent being at risk, or the potential loss of lives.

His Vampiric self shows much less empathy and reason than his Human counterpart, mostly relying on his incredible strength to solve all his problems much like an Appoplexian. The only ones he shows any form of care or compassion for are Moka Akashiya and his family.


Kayden was created 216 years before the start of his adventures at Yokai Academy as a beta test model of the Unitrix. After several Integration tests, attempts to get the then very robotic KN-8264 to blend in among various species, it was decided that KN-8264 was a failed prototype and as such he was deactivated and placed into secure storage for two hundred years.

After an escape attempt by Albedo and subsequent attempt at restoring himself Albedo accidentally reactivated KN-8264, this time with a Primus Uplink and Human DNA as the default state. In a fit of rage Albedo shoved KN-8264, causing his control circuits to be fried by a weapon known as a Conductoid Judgement Lance.

After his awakening and subsequent training from the plumbers Kayden received a mission, promote peace between Monsters and Humans on Earth. Upon coming to Yokai Academy Kayden has a great many misadventures using his new powers alongside his new friends.

Powers and Abilities

Primus Uplink - Kayden, as a modified Unitrix unit, is linked to Primus and has access to all the DNA samples stored within the Codon Stream.

Enhanced Intellect - As a result of being derived from the DNA of Albedo and his living on Galvan Mk2 Kayden has a much higher intellect than most humans of his age. His intellect allows him to think of solutions to problems that wouldn't even be considered by others, making him a very tactical fighter.

Vampiric Biology - After being infused with the blood of his vampiric lover, Moka Akashiya, Kayden was transformed slowly over time into a Vampire. His altered biology grants him massively enhanced strength, speed, and durability without the weaknesses of a Full Blooded Vampire. These enhancements also apply to his Alien forms through activation of the Deimatrix's Shinso mode.


  • Kayden, while extremely durable, can still be injured by enough force or a damaging enough blow.
  • Kayden can be reverted to his canister form via interference by a Galvanic Mechamorph or a Chronosapien.
  • The power core located within Kayden's heart was damaged and has become unstable due to the damage his control circuits had sustained. If forced to exert too much energy at once Kayden could burn this fragile core out, killing him.




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