Kay Miller
Vital statistics
Home World Earth
Species Human/Orishan
Age 13
Other info
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair Color black
Eye Color green
Relatives Unknown
Affiliation Plumbers, Kay's Team
Role Team Leader
Powers and equipment
Powers Hydrokinesis
Moisture Absorption
Underwater Breathing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Paraphernalia Blaster
Production details
First Appearance Attack on Base

 Kay Miller is the main character of Kay 12. He's a Human/Orishan hybrid from planet Earth.


In his human form he looks like a tall 13 yearold boy, who has black hair a green eyes. his skin color is like the one of Albedo in Omniverse. He Wears dark Grey jeans and a grey hoodie jumper. He has Black shoes.

In His Orishan form he looks like a shorter version of Water Hazard in OV. He has only two eyes instead of 4. his arms and not as muscular and he doesn't posses as much as barnicles on his body.


He posses the same abbilities as Water Hazard except a Bubble shield, Enhanced Reflexes and Radiation Immunity.


He has the weaknesses of an Orishan and a Human.


Kay 12


  • Originally he was going to be eaither a Pyronite hybrid or a Splixson hybrid. He was also considered to be a Necrofriggian hybrid.
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