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Katelen is a character from Ryan 10: Alien Master. She is a human, and one of Ryan's life long friends. She is 16 years old at the start of the series. She is a talented martial artist and she believes in magic. She is the one who had the idea to travel around North America, mostly the United States.


She is quiet peaceful person, unless enraged. She cares for people, and tries not to hurt anyone unless unnecessary.

She is a master in many forms of martial arts: Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing/Kick Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, and a more. Making her a very difficult opponent to fight.

She has blonde hair, green eyes, and is the height of an average human.


  • Many forms of Combat
  • Offensive Driving - She can drive so well she is actually able to take down an enemy in the middle of the rode by flipping her car threw the air and knocking them down, and land right side up and be able to drive away. And also she can drive well enough to avoid giant items falling from the sky.
  • Super Strength — She has super human strength as she was able to lift 1550 lbs. with relative ease.