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Kate Mulaney is a secondary protagonist in the final seasons of Ben 10: 10,000 Years, 1 Friendship series. She is the illegitimate reincarnation of Courtney Lawrence.


Kate looks very similar to Courtney in the sense that she has the same black hair and brown eyes. However, she lacks the mole on her face and keeps her hair up in a ponytail instead of Courtney's classic braid.

She wears a white t-shirt with a red sparrow on it and a caramel brown cardigan with a red ribbon choker and black pants. She also has jean-blue shoes with white laces.


Personality-wise, Kate sees herself as almost nothing like Courtney. Though she is very spirited, she hardly shows it in front of people she wants to impress, as she believes it harbors her. Still, much like her, she is extremely loyal and unwilling to back down from a fight if someone she cares about is in danger.

After hearing about Courtney Prime and discovering she is her illegitimate reincarnation, she tries her best to live up to her predecessor's legacy, only to realize that she can only help save the world not as Courtney, but herself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Taught by her father, (who was a retired military captain), Kate is skilled in the ways of personal self-defense.
  • Neotrix Shapeshifting: Gifted to her by Courtney Prime, Kate has the ability to transform into the Omnitrix's sister aliens, their related life-forms, on an ape:human ratio.


A nervous Kate hiding behind bookshelves from Wildmutt on her trail. (art by With_paulownia)

  • Carrots: Kate is allergic to carrots, in the sense that they make her throat itch and stop her breathing for a full half-hour.
  • Heights: Kate is not entirely acrophobic, but she is acro-avoidant, meaning she will avoid dangerous high places if she can.


17 years prior to Omniverse

Kate was born to her parents on July 12th. She lived a normal, uneventful life up to when she turned 17.


When a time glitch (caused by the timewalker trainees), warped her out of her dimension and into Ben's timeline, she had no idea what to expect, as she lived in a world where not only the Omnitrix didn't exist, but alien life ceased to exist altogether. Still, once found and mistaken as Courtney by Ben himself, she found someplace to turn, even after he discovered she wasn't the real Courtney. She joined him on his adventures, though usually cheerleading him from the sidelines and occasionally being a key component to winning the battle. When Courtney Prime comes back to life due to the time-entanglement, Kate inherits her Neotrix and begins to fight for real alongside Ben.

After Malturant's defeat, Kate finally returns home, though her bond with Ben is stronger all the same. She promises that they will meet again, as they are always destined to meet during Maltruant's failure time loop.

Portrait of Kate. (art by Taeko)




  • Kate's existence actually started out as a "denial ending" for the hardcore fans of "10,000 Years," as most wanted Courtney to live and be Ben's ultimate love interest. Shipper accounted for this by creating Kate.
  • Kate was originally Shipper's "self-insert", but when Shipper decided to make Kate public, they changed her character a little bit to make her her own person.