Katana ebokā
Dynasty Neon Katana ebokā.jpg
General Information
Species Spookvoker
Home World Anur Spook
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sword Generation
Enhanced Speed(Sword Throwing only)
First Appearance TBA

Katana ebokā is the Henkatrix's DNA sample of a Spookvoker from the planet Anur Spook.


Katana ebokā looks like a blue humanoid with dark blue eyes with no other visible facial feature. He wears a samurai armor, alongside dark blue silken pants, he also wears blue and orange leg and arm guards. He has a bowl cut with a samurai bun. He also wears geta footwear, on his hand look there's a gold dragon head. 5 katanas are orbiting him.

He wears the Henkatrix symbol on his stomach.

Powers & Abilities

He can generate the katanas nearly instantly and throw them at huge speeds.

He can levitate above the ground.


His swords, even if their blade are sharp they can't pierce shielded enemies.

He's weak at ranged attacks.

He levitates towards a location very slowly.

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